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Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, by Abigail Shrier, just lays out facts in a non-agenda-driven way as is possible.
Despite not having an "agenda" against trans, the facts are shocking and offensive to the Woke Mob that doesn't like what the facts and what the science shows. Since the facts aren't on their side, they attack Abigail, her book, and anyone that doesn't denounce it vehemently.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2021-12-04 

The Woke Mob that doesn't like what the facts, like:

  • before 2010, Gender Dysphoria was exceedingly rare (<.01% of the population) and was nearly exclusively the domain of boys, and was exposed early in childhood development (3-5 years old)
  • after 2010, it became far more common, was nearly exclusively the domain of girls who used Social media, happened in social pods, and came on suddenly and inexplicable (with no prior indications), usually in late adolescence or often college (known as Rapid-onset gender dysphoria).

Since human biology and fundamental psychology don't suddenly change like that, what were the likely causes?

The likely answers are a shock to no one: impressionable girls who are struggling at social interaction can find the ultimate ice-breaker and social riches ("Special" social status), based on how much gender change and body mutilation they would go through. Incentivized gender dysphoria.

🗒️ Note:
There are certainly a small minority of transgendered kids that are going to be hurt by the stigma of 100,000 Rachel Dolezal's of transsexualism diluting their truths, with fake #MeToo copycats. But while the far-left sees the world as binary (0 or 1), the rest of us can differentiate that there is both a legitimate condition AND peer pressure cliques/fads around Gender Dysphoria. And accepting the latter, does not deny the existence of the former.

This was mercilessly attacked as transphobic, not based on data, but based on feelings and the threats that these truths might hurt transgender kids. And that's true, but irrelevant.

This is the same as eating disorders and self-harm: both trended up (and down) at various times and are sort of both real maladies and a mass psychosis brought on by peer pressure.

  • The maladies and suffering is real, but they are symptoms of deeper issues.
  • There is no doubt that some of it is physical (chemical, brain wiring, etc)... but there is no doubt that some of it is environmental, peer pressure, and not just "how they are wired" or how they were born. Unless you think something in the water suddenly made this problem 70x worse in Gen-Z than in prior generations -- and if so, we should try to discover what that is.

The data is based on a Lisa Littman study (from Brown University), that documented this Rapid-onset gender dysphoria. It wasn't a controversy in the science, it was peer-reviewed, published and everyone thought the methodology of interviewing a couple of hundred parents of children with gender dysphoria (85% of whom were supportive of LGBTQ rights, etc), and noting the trends, was a good way to look for patterns.

Of course, she had no challenges to her bonafides and the study beforehand... but once she touched this hot button with data -- the activists attacked. The science didn't show what they wanted -- it showed:

  • that this was hugely anomalous (70x more frequent than before) which shows it is a social contagion, not a mental defect
  • this can't just be explained away as "now that we're more accepting" more people are coming out -- because there are no older women suddenly admitting that they were oppressed or coming out now that it is acceptable.
  • there's an INCREASE in suicides (especially among these transgendered girls) instead of a decrease that you'd expect with more acceptance.
  • studies of kids that had top or bottom surgeries shows that they are highly remorseful later on in life, and have higher rates of depression and other psychological maladies
  • and there's a huge overlay with girls on the autism spectrum -- having something to do with them fixating on things: like changing gender will cure their social ills)

This data is real.

So the science (observation) is not controversial. But to the political activists, it was HUGELY controversial! And since attacking the observations wasn't easy (there are no better studies showing contra-indicative results), they attacked Lisa Littman, Brown University (which apologized for publishing the truth), and anyone who dares mention this study or the observations. Without being able to refute it, other than a few anecdotes.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Planned Parenthood is of course supporting the idea that underage girls scan go in and get a doctors note from them to have their breasts removed or go through hormone therapy or other transitions, often without parental notification or approval. All based on self-diagnosis of the mentally ill.

The left will wrap themselves in the flag of "Civil Right" and LGBT-Jingoism. But if they really cared about the kids, they'd care about the outcomes of those who go through transition. They'd care to put checks and balances in place to prevent exploitation of the mentally ill to cause Irreversible Damage to their bodies. They'd be outraged by each and every person that was mutilated (at their own request) and later regretted it, as they found out the real problems were elsewhere.

Again, none of this is to deny that there's a very small percentage of people that have severe pathological Gender Dysphoria. But it is to recognize that impressionable children (especially socially influenceable girls) could be some percentage of the HUGE upward spike in transitioning kids,or upticks in transgenderism rates that belie science and common sense.

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