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COVID was a pathogen. How people reacted to it? That you can learn from.
COVID was a pathogen. How people reacted to it? That you can learn from.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-01-06 

The People of COVID, and what they did or accomplished: COVID People • [11 items]

  • Amy Bednarz - In Woonsocket, Rhode Island, a Villanova Middle School teacher (Amy Bednarz) tweeted, ‘Somebody with Covid-19, I will pay you to cough on #Trump.' That wasn't enough to get retribution from Twitter since she had a (D) after her affiliation (she did delete her account), but it got the School Board involved... and she has since resigned.
  • Anthony Fauci - Being a political figure in charge of a political organization like the NIH is hard to get credibility, but Fauci made it harder by being so arrogant, flip-floppy, and obviously partisan. The more he took the political position of attacking therapeutics while over-hyping prevention and vaccines (that he had investments in), the less trust he earned.
  • COVID Biden - Biden ran on the fallacy that he would have handled COVID better, and that Trump was wrong, and that Biden would fix it once elected. Biden got elected. Despite being through the initial (larger) surges, having more knowledge of the virus, the vaccines and theraputics that Trump had delivered, Biden managed to get more people killed, polarized us more, and didn't fix anything.
  • COVID Experts - Our "experts" and agencies that we poured billions into failed miserably at their charters. The TLA's (Three Letter Agencies) like the WHO, CDC, FDA, CIA and CCP or DNC (same thing), all blew chunks and/or lied, undermining faith in them amongst the rational.
  • COVID Trump - The Trump hating (TDS suffering) media, decided everything Trump said was wrong. Lies about Trump and COVID included: Trump reacted too quickly, then too slowly, Trump claimed COVID is a hoax, Trump claimed drinking Lysol is a cure, Trump claiming vaccines in 2020 was impossible, Hydroxychloroquine had no evidence or broader that other drugs like Remdesivir or Ivermectin were false hope, that it originated in China, that the travel ban was racist, that it might have originated in a lab.
  • Candi CdeBaca - Denver Democrat (Candi CdeBaca) re-tweeted, ‘If I do get Coronavirus, I’m attending every MAGA rally I can’, with the addition, "#solidarity Yaaaas!!". (Implying she wanted to infect as many Republicans with a deadly virus that she could). Conservatives were perma-banned for far less. But Twitter looks the other way for Democrats.
  • Mills on COVID - Janet Mills handled COVID like any leftist asshat: she locked down the whole state (Maine) if any part showed a case -- not out of need or science, but as a show of solidarity at ruining the economy and hurting small business. This of course led to backlash and protests by businesses that didn't want to be destroyed, despite few cases of COVID.
  • Musk on COVID - Elon Musk is rarely silent -- and COVID and the Shutdown are no exceptions. Ventilators (offered help, and gave it, but Newsome was a douche). Shelter-in-Place - the Press hyped that Musk admitting it was stupid and unconstitutional. He fought California and left over their stupid policies. In other words, he did all the right things.
  • Newsom on COVID - Newsom on COVID is like any other leftist asshat trying to punish good behavior (or his political enemies), and rewarding bad behavior or putting symbolism over substance. Examples include: taxing Californians to reward illegal aliens for breaking our laws, shutting down only OC beaches (and getting ignored), shutting down most wineries and exempting his own.
  • Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy - If you want to overcome vaccine hesitancy it's not hard: be honest, transparent, consistent, follow the science, and don't mandate. Don't lie, censor, flip-flop, polarize/politicize, and hold those that do accountable. Create trust and feelings of being informed, instead of helpless pawns being told what to do or lied to. Be the anti-Biden / anti-Fauci / anti-MSM.
  • Whitmer on COVID - Whitmer on COVID is like any other leftist asshat using one-size-fits-all policies to punish rural parts of the State, because of things happening in Detroit (her base). So she arbitrarily invented laws that made no sense at all.


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