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Twitter Files is a series of releases on what Twitter did to unfairly suppress conservatives on their platform.
Twitter Files is a series of releases on what Twitter did to unfairly suppress conservatives on their platform. Elon allowed a few left leaning but REAL Journalists to go through emails/data and expose what happened under the old management. The left leaning media attacks it as already known, irrelevant, and Musk as evil for exposing the truth.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-12-12 
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Democrats: Trump was meeting with foreign diplomats during his transition; abuse of power. Also Democrats: The FBI and Joe Biden bullying a tech company to censor something during an election/transition is no abuse of the 1A since he wasn't yet sworn in, so the abuse of power doesn't count.
Dems hate Fascism, care about free speech, corruption, government abuse of power, election integrity, and misinformation.
  • Twitter isn't biased towards Dems.
  • Shadow banning was just a conspiracy by the right..
  • The Laptop was Russian hackers.
  • Even if it was real, Twitter is a private company so no 1A implications, as long as there's no collusion with a government agency.
  • FBI acted in good faith even though they knew better the whole time.
  • FBI didn't pay or bully for access, and Biden admin wasn't involved.
Fascism is government and private collusion to achieve the states political agenda. The Twitter Files prove that Twitter-FBI were collaborating in a fascist / anti-free speech way. The FBI was abusing power to manipulate an election, and was creating misinformation (that the laptop wasn't real, Russian hacking, etc) to prevent an informed electorate about obvious corruption/concerns with the Biden Crime Family. The left not only doesn't care about any of it, their "Journalists" actively suppressed exposing the public to any of it. And their operatives attack anyone that brings up the topic.

FakeNews and the MSM (but I repeat myself), had very little interest in covering this story. And where they did cover it, it was usually water carrying for Biden admin, pretending this was old news and nothing new was coming out, or spinning it for the DNC. Which discredits them even more. You don't have to cover it like a conservative, but at least admit both sides concerns/issues.

The facts are that most Americans (76% according to Harvard+Harris poll) think this was a political hit job and want prosecutions, most of the other 24% are either idiots or partisans that can/should be ignored. Also 68% think the collaboration was a violation of the 1A -- and that's WITH suppression of the Twitter Files reporting. If the information was out there more, it would likely be higher... and we know that generally conservatives are usually under-represented in polls done by far-left leaning universities (like Harvard).[1]

Twitter Files • [12 items]

Part 01 - Hunter Biden Laptop
Discussed internal deliberation to censor the NYP story on Hunter Biden's laptop. They did it knowing it did not violate their rules, likely for partisan reasons. (Which Dorsey CEO later denied to congress, this showed he lied). It also discussed how they blocked/banned/shadowbanned tweets and people for telling uncomfortable truths that the leftists at Twitter didn't like. The bias was left leaning (96-99% of donations went to Democrats). Both support the partisan bias theory that Democrats have denied (or laughably claimed was a anti-left-wing bias), it also proves the Biden admin lied that they were not in contact with Twitter over the Hunter Biden story.
  • They censored based on the company's prohibition on hacked materials, knowing and admitting that the materials in question were not hacked. Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker approved the story's suppression anyways, "it is reasonable for us to assume they may have been (hacked)" despite zero evidence that supports that.
  • It mentioned that requests came from both Biden and Trump campaigns, but pointed out that there were more leftist channels and sympathies, and offered multiple examples of Trump campaign/officials getting blocked, or 5 tweets the Biden Admin had blocked and no examples provided for Trump examples of them going after the left.
  • Ro Khanna (d) had warned then-Twitter head of legal Vijaya Gadde (d) that there were free-speech implication and possible political backlash.
  • Four tweets contained nude photos and videos of Hunter Biden, with illegal drugs, guns, underage looking girls, and other crimes. Twitter used the idea that this was revenge Porn, to block it. Even though it's a stretch, and they virtually never apply those standards to other adult content on the site.
  • The left uses Taibbi's assessement that there was no government pressure to pretend that there was nothing wrong with Biden (the soon to be President) and his operatives collaborating with far-lefties at twitter to censor people for their common political agenda. Which even if it turns out to be legally true (wait and see), is still not ethically true.
  • The far left and FakeNews outlets like Wikipedia pretend there's no 1A problem with censoring things on Twitter, because they're a private company. However, past and likely future rulings will show that it's murky at best -- but certainly Cable Companies, Telco/Internet Providers and forums like Twitter can not be manipulated by government agents without some 1A implications.
Jim Baker
In between Part 1 and Part 2 it was exposed that Jim Baker (FBI operative that was all over the fake Trump-Russia Collusion hoax) was working at Twitter and filtering what was getting released to the Journalists. He was quickly fired, but this caused a delay in Part 1 and Part 2 releases -- and brings up lots of new questions that will need to be investigated. (Including files and data that was deleted to prevent exposure).
It was also shown that many ex-FBI people were hired at Twitter, to facilitate working with the FBI, eventhough the FBI folks were not versed in anything related to the Social Media giant, and had no practical skills applicable to a private company. To the point where they had on-boarding documents for ex-FBI employees.
  • Part 02 - Shadow Banning Twitter's Blacklists (Shadow Banning), a practice referred to as "visibility filtering" by previous Twitter management. Weiss showed that they censored Libs of TikTok, Jay Bhattacharya, Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk. Playing word parsing, prior management claims that they didn't "Shadow ban" as that would be 100% blocking of content, this was only eliminating all discoverability of the tweets so was just "filtering".
  • Part 03 - The Removal of Donald Trump (Part 1) Twitter met regularly with the FBI, and they decided that while Trump didn't violate any of their actual rules, they decided to ban him anyways, because they felt he was going to flirt with the edge of the rules. The straw that broke the camels back was when he said he wasn't going to the innaugeration that Democrats didn't want him to attend (as it would have been disruptive and taken the focus off Sleepy Joe).
  • Part 04 - Attack on the Capitol
    J6 gave Twitter the excuse to ban Trump, even though all evidence was that Trump did nothing illegal or immoral. Of course you can't reason with leftists on this because the facts don't matter -- they turn to the echo chamber of far leftists claiming they know what this means based on dog whistles and fevered imaginations, and it is so bad that they must be stopped.
  • 2017 - Yoel Roth tweeted there were, “actual Nazis in the White House.”
  • 2021.01.07 - When asked about banning Trump, Roth says that Trump only has one strike remaining (without offering what the other two are, beyond being a conservative, and being someone that far-lefties hated).
  • 2021.01.08 - They banned Trump because of future thought crimes -- the risk of further incitement of violence. (Never mind that he had done less to incite violence than the majority of top Democrats). Not based on what Trump actually said, but based on what the far left thinks that the far right is interpreting his words to mean, based on their complete unwillingness to listen to anyone on the right.
  • 2021.01.08 - only one person in twitter complained, a low level person that warned the obvious, "This might be an unpopular opinion but one off ad hoc decisions like this that don’t appear rooted in policy are imho a slippery slope... This now appears to be a fiat by an online platform CEO with a global presence that can gatekeep speech for the entire world..."
  • 2021.01.08 - They also blocked #StopTheSteal -- first admitting that ToS violations and this had virtually no overlap, but they blocked it anyways. Claiming that this was a QAnon Conspiracy theory and thus if they could outlaw QAnon, they could outlaw this.
  • 2021.01.08 - The march of the Marxists continues, when they decide to find a reason to block Rep. Matt Gaet, again not for any crimes/violations, but because they don't like what he's implying.
  • 2022.04 - Roth told a colleague that his goal “is to drive change in the world,” which is why he decided not to become an academic. Never put activists in charge of policy -- their goals are not balance or fairness but activism.
  • Part 05 - Removal of Trump
    After giving Trump 2 strikes for unarticulated reasons (and not violating their ToS), Twitter imagines in a 3rd strike. The offending last straw was, "To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.” How this violates any ToS involves a ton of prestidigitation, and imagination.
    • Even internal employees squacked on their lame excuses like, “Maybe because I am from China,” said one employee on January 7, “I deeply understand how censorship can destroy the public conversation.”
    • Though the vast majority of employees were filtered for their leftist bonafides in hiring, and thus they all cheered or demanded blood on internal slack channels
    • Safety says, "We haven't found any violations"... but then does this as an FYI, not a protest in any form. When asked to testify she claimed that if they hadn't of done the ban, people were going to die -- though of course is unable to articulate how or why.
    • They also expose their biasess by saying posts much more insightful of violence like
      • the Ayotola of Iran tweeting, "“#Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor in the West Asian region that has to be removed and eradicated: it is possible and it will happen.”
      • on October 2020, the former Malaysian Prime Minister said it was “a right” for Muslims to “kill millions of French people.” (The tweet was removed, but not the tweeter).
      • In October 2021, Twitter allowed Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to call on citizens to take up arms against the Tigray region.
      • In early February 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government threatened to arrest Twitter employees in India, and to incarcerate them for up to seven years after they restored hundreds of accounts that had been critical of him.
    • The excuse used is that Trump tweeted before the one in question that, "The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”" -- Twitter Thought Crimes division claims that tweet may have violated Twitter’s Glorification of Violence policy—if you interpreted the phrase “American Patriots” to refer to the rioters. However, the tweet itself precludes that with "The 75,000,000 great American Patriots"... he was NOT claiming just the rioters, or even mentioning them in any way.
    • And the fascists think they're the good guys, and celebrate the banning of their political enemies, not for anything he actually said -- but because of what the haters imagine he thought.
    Part 06 - Twitter the FBI Subsidiary
    The FBI paid for influence and the power to micromanage censorship at Twitter in ways that are antithetical to the 1A. Hundreds of emails banning all the way down to minor accounts for obvious satire. Twitter followed their marching orders from the FBI ministry of truth, and would invent excuses to ban people to appease the thought police at FBI.

    The FBI, State Governments and Twitter had a cozy (Fascist) relationship, where far left agents in the FBI and far left activists in Twitter collaborated to suppress information that would work against the DNC or Big Government. Private companies enacting government policies for the sake of advancing governments political agendas is the very definition of Fascism. 80 agents in the FBI whining about low volume or satire accounts, and paying for that access is criminally against the first amendment. In the end, there was government interference violating the spirit of the 1A, and it interfered with an election -- nobody that's OK with that, is a good American, no matter how much they hate OrangeMan.

    • Part 06.1 - Supplimental Basically just defense of is earlier posts in proving that Twitter was voluntarily working as a division of the FBI, and furtering the political agenda of the DNC controlled FBI.
    Part 07 - The FBI and the Hunter Biden Laptop
    The FBI was intentionally spreading disinformation ("Russian disinfo" narrative) to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop truths before and after it was published, to encourage Big Tech to censor legitimate stories ahead of the election -- having had the Laptop for over a year, knowing it wasn't hacked, and suppressing an investigation into the laptop and contents thereof.
    They did that knowing full well that it was Hunters laptop (easily confirmed, and they had the laptop for over a year), that it was not Russian hacking, they knew the information on it was real, and was criminal (or certainly worth discusson in public forum in the run-up to an election, and investigation that was also suppressed).

    This is smoking gun; they manipulated an election, knowing they were manipulating it. They paid Twitter over $3M (more going to other Social Media companies) to buy information suppression, which makes them culpable of bribery, and Congressional Oversight guilty of malfeasance for failure to control them.

    • Part 08 - Pentagons covert PsyOp Campaign The media giant facilitated Pentagon PsyOps operations giving them special magnification, immunity from the other rules, basically, they were doing everything they accused the Russians of doing to us. Only Russia didn't have the resources/connection but the Deep State and Twitter collaborated on it.
    FBI tells everyone to look away
    The FBI claims, "It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency." Except that they are emails/texts from the FBI conspiring with Twitter -- that's not a theory, those are facts. And the gaslighting is doing more to discredit the agency than the truth is.
    The FBI claims, "It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency."

    The rational point out that the FBI trying to gaslight the gullible. It depressing for both its gross incompetence, and faith that Democrats will buy it despite it being so obviously dumb.

    How is releasing their own emails a conspiracy theory or misinformation?

    How Twitter rigged the COVID debate
    How the administration and FBI bullied Twitter (and other Social Media; Google, Microsoft, Facebook) to shut down Doctors/Medical professionals putting out anything that contradicts the leftist narratives on Masking, Vaccines, Treatments, and so on. And of course how Twitter (et al) went along and facilitated the censorship and misinformation.
    The Trump admin had meetings too -- but their meetings were on topics like preventing runs on goods at grocery stores, by not magnifying misinformation on shortages. The Biden admin (or admin elect) was on censoring any negative vaccine truths and blocking them as anti-Vaxxers.


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