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I got twitter slapped (again) for the high crime of saying we should leave trans and non-trans people alone.
I got twitter slapped (again) for the high crime of saying we should leave trans and non-trans people alone. Context was a meme mocking being able to change genders (skeletally). Trans activist attacked. I rebutted far more civilly than they had with basically that, I have no problem with trans, as long as they aren't being bullies back. That got me smacked by Twitter-Trans-Mafia.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2023-02-10 
  • I posted a little meme (without commentary) The meme that pointed out that your sex/gender is embeded in your skeleton (and chromosomes). What the left calls your gender, is your sexual preferences (what you want to pretend to look like, or who you want to have sex with) -- not what you actual gender is. That is all.
  • Trans-Mafia Bully Naturally some perpetually butt-hurt little trans-asshole came along and started attacking that my views were ignorant, that trans wasn't a mental disorder (ignore the DSM). I hadn't read anything for decades, that I was transphobic, and other normally retarded things that the left claims about anyone that disagrees with them (or is more informed than they are).
I asked how that was wrong, explained I wasn't afraid of trans people, and in that context I replied how I didn't hate Trans folks, and we should be sympathetic to their mental disorder, but they shouldn't bully either. The larger threads had lots of pre-qualfiers to soften them further.
  • Twitter Blocked The trans-bully deleted some of their context, reported mine, then blocked me to make it harder to document what they did. Twitter blocked these 3 as hate speech and threatening violence or bullying. Um, these were replies to a thread I started (they came at me, I wasn't seeking them). My replies were mild, especially in context. But Twitter has dumb AI and dumber moderators (they don't have time to compehend context, and look for keywords).
  • Twitter Bullied If you delete, you can get back on immediately. If you appeal, you're in limbo for days/weeks, while they review whether they made a mistake. (You're punished for thier incompetence). So I waited. And documented the process. Trans bullies are just like all other bullies -- you should resist. Of course it didn't matter, since they claim the posts below were a violation, when they were not.
  • Hypocrisy The other person's bio is "queer (2-1 ammy) fighter and certified personal trainer always ready to punch a transphobe in the face" -- and everyone that believes in science of chromosomes or that the DSM had transgender as a mental disorder is a transphobe (to them). I reported that, and a few of their more abusive posts. But little will happen. Leftist hate is always more tolerable to the left than are scientific truths that offend their feelings. [1]


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