Trans Regrets and Rowling

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Trans activist self-owns complaining about her Harry Potter Tattoos.
Trans-activists claim J.K. Rowling's "anti-biological-males in women's sports" make her transphobic, and one whines regret for her Harry Potter Tattoos. Someone points out her hypocrisy, "So you are saying you regret a decision you made to permanently alter your body when you were younger?" Ooof. Any introspective human would rethink their life choices.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2023-02-10 
  • Woman gets harry potter tattoos (sleeve).
  • Later decides that since JK Rowling isn't woke enough, that she's a TERF (Transphobic Feminist) -- which is retarded hate speech, since JK is pro-trans/LGBT she just draws the lines at biological males destroying Women's sports. That's not what fear of trans people means.
  • Activist-woman says she regrets tattoos....
  • And brilliant response, "So you are saying you regret a decision you made to permanently alter your body when you were younger?"....
  • Another retorts, "Could just lop off the arm....isn't that the answer to parts that you are unable to accept as your "authentic self"? Realize your truth..."

Game, set, match.

Of course the left will lose their nut over that little bit of sanity. But it's kinda the point.

The reason toddlers can't buy guns, and teenagers can't self-mutilate, is because their brains and psyche's aren't finished maturing. It's not that we're saying "you can't".... we're just saying, "Not yet".

Bruce/Katlin whacking off his willie after years of therapy? Not a problem (for me). I feel sad for her and the burden she's carried... zero malice. And I'm certainly not afraid of her, or others like her. But even she has a problem with doing it to teens or younger.


  1. You can't reverse the damage done through hormone blockers and gender change surgeries.
  2. You can put fake boobies back on (that will never function as baby feeders).
  3. You can't reverse damage to growth, voice, hair, etc... (you can mask some of the symptoms).

But these are not benign easily-reversible pauses. Those that are claiming so are liars that are exploring mentally ill children.

The vast majority of teen desire for transition are other underlying issues that shouldn't just be affirmed but figured out and addressed. If they persist into adulthood, then fine, they can self-mutilate if they want. But if you care about the human, and not just the paycheck from the surgery, or the cause -- then you want to help the child with more than just "transitioning".


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