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Obama SCOTUS Pick Sotomayor the "wise latina" (picked for her identity and politics) proved she's not wise or a good Justice.
Obama SCOTUS Pick Sotomayor the "wise latina" picked for her identity and politics more than her accomplishments, seems to be plenty willing to politicize the court, and lower the tone. Not unlike Obama himself. Here's a few examples.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2020-02-24 

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  • 2012.07.19 Masterpiece Cakeshop - Jack Phillips was approached by a gay couple that asked him to bake them a wedding cake. He politely explained that Colorado didn't recognize gay marriage (yet), and he wouldn't use his tradecraft for an issue that violated his personal beliefs. He would serve them, sell to them, and so on, but that wasn't enough for the activists who sued him. And lost. Repeatedly.
  • American Legion v. American Humanist Assn. - 1925 Bladensburg ‘Peace Cross’ can stay on public land ruling. This was a win for freedom of religion: a cross is often a secular display and even if it wasn't, respecting a religion (and a tradition) is not the same as promoting it, nor a violation of separation of Church and State. Naturally Ginsburg and Sotomayor took the progressive/anti-Liberty position.
  • Cohen v. Trump - Context matters, and there was a lot of context before Trump calling a Judge's objectivity into question. The left claimed it was racism, because everything they don't like is racism. In truth, there were valid (and invalid) reasons Trump made a barb towards a biased judge. That might make him a jerk, but the real racists see racism where there is none.
  • Politicizing the Supreme Court - We can argue that the Supreme Court has been politicized since 1804 when Chase was impeached for being too partisan. But you can also argue that since the Senate acquitted him, it's always had certain independence and autonomy, no matter how bad the Justices are. But historically, it's virtually ALWAYS been the Progressives/Democrats that politicized the court.
  • Sotomayor accusations of bias - While most of the Supreme Court justices know how to bite their tongue and not inject more politics into decisions (and divide the nation) that common sense doesn't apply always to the left (RGB and Sotomayor especially). The latter accused Conservative Justices of a Trump bias, for not being anti-Trump biased like she is.


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