Robert Malthus

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Chicken little of the early 1800s, predicting population growth would cause mass starvation. We got fatter instead.
English cleric, scholar and "economist" that predicted (circa 1798) that population would outgrow our ability to feed them, and we were all going to die within 100 years (known as Malthusian Catastrophe), it got regurgitated in the 1970's with The Population Bomb but they are always wrong, because they fail to understand advances in technology.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
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  • Malthusian Catastrophe - Robert Malthus basically wrote The Population Bomb in 1798. He was as wrong.
  • Tragedy of the commons - Malthusian Catastrophes and Tragedy of the commons is used to justify leftist actions, despite always being wrong.
  • The Population Bomb - Marxist-sponsored hippie environmentalists re-invented the Malthusian catastrophe, and the only solution was Marxism.
  • Peak Oil Theory - M King Hubbert predicted oil production to peak globally around 1986, it's now expected after 2050. Be skeptical of Chicken Little.
  • Earth Day - Earth Day was a fake Holiday invented to support the far left, Marxist, anti-Humanity (Population Bomb Phobia) movement.
  • Quotes/Climate - Contradictions, failed prediction, obfuscation, the pseudo-science that is used to control the gullible.

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