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Her whole life seems like a lowlight of what a journalist could become if they lacked brains or ethics.
This is more about some of the many of reasons her detractors are not fans. (You can get the propaganda and puffiness about how great she is from her or MSNBC). She answers the question of how low a journalist can go, if they lacked brains or ethics, and sincerely believed every anti-conservative conspiracy theory out there.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2018-04-05 

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2019.02.05 Don Jr's Call Logs
For months Maddow inflamed her watchers with the FakeNews that Don Jr. was in contact with "the Russians"... then when the story is debunked, Maddow brings on the accuser (Shifty Shiff), has him repeat the claims, then fails to correct or challenge him or the record. No clarification, retraction or correction, just on to the next lie.
2019.03.22 Mueller Report
2019.03.22 Mueller Report.png
The Mueller Report showed that there was no hint at collusion by Trump or his team, it was a Hillary funded hoax, that was used to obstruct Trump and undermine our Democracy, start illegal investigations and wiretapping, distract from helping America and our interests, and keep the media occupied repeating criminal disinformation.
2019.04.01 Maddow v Alex Jones
Legal Insurrection asks why isn't Maddow treated like other crazy conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Which is actually unfair, as Jones is more moderate. Jones was de-platformed for his conspiracy theories (another leftist blacklist). But Maddow? She keeps her TV show and is given the gift of the double-standard.

Rachel Maddow can't even keep her own lies straight, including: Russian Collusion? She was the Alex Jones of the left, if he was more extreme and more wrong. [1]

Comey[edit | edit source]

She rants that Comey's firing is unprecedented, right before forgetting she said that the sentence before, and mentions Clinton's precedent in doing the same thing. Ooops. You can get facts and counter-balance out of MSNBC, but it's usually when the incompetently and accidentally mention it, like that one.

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Ford's Lawyer (Debora Katz) looks like Rachael Maddow and Gary Busey's love child...

Maddow Collar: the doc said it'll stop me from chewing my nuts.

Maddow is Pajama Boy.

If White men are the problem, then why does Maddow want to look like one?

New rule: If I need a vagina to regulate birth control, then you need a gun to regulate gun control. (Rachel Maddow)


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Disproportionate weight for or against a person, place, idea or thing, usually ignoring evidence against.

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Documenting MSNBC's bias or errors is a Sisyphusian task similar to naming all the victims of the Holocaust.

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