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Progressives want progress (towards Marxism), and they're willing to sacrifice as many people as that takes.
Progressives want progress (towards Marxism). Many are young kids (or old children) that suffer from chronic Dunning-Kruger effect and thus know how to fix everything better than the people who spent their lives in those industries. The ends justifies the means, and they just know their ends justifies anything. If they had wisdom, patience and temperament, they wouldn't remain progressive.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-04-06 

This is also "Post-modernist/ism" -- basically, you can't remake into utopia ("Forward", "Build Back Better", "New World Order", "Great Reset"), unless you tear down all the established institutions/mores/beliefs. The old must be bad, for the new to be good. They are addicted to change (progress), so that's addicted to seeing flaws in everything before they "Fixed it".

Progressives is kind of a broad brush, and a sloppy one -- in that different countries might have different standards. But basically they have a few sub-segments, some of them worse than others. The worst are the "College Kids" regurgitating what they were taught in Marxist Grievance Studies classes, gullibly trying to change the world, without understanding the first thing about the past, present, or able to think through the consequences of their policies (and thus the future).

It is slightly unfair to paint this vocal minority as all progressives -- but then most progressives have no problems with using the broad brush sloppily, so don't they deserve a little back? Maybe. But insert some caveats here, and don't just all of them by the actions of their vocal majority: it's the vocal 90% that give the rest a bad name.


Left Right
Progressives see other progressives as good (by ignoring all the ways they aren't). They see those that resisted progress as bad, luddites, or vile (by ignoring the ways they aren't). They teach their side to fear the other side: Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Trump were all like Hitler, or dangerously unstable. (Lookup the Goldwater Rule). They know their side is morally superior, because they scare their base about the opposition. Any deeper glance at their side shows some rather unsavory behaviors from the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., Margaret Sanger, and a rapid emotional (fearful?) attacks on anyone that points out their flaws. There's no moral high ground in taking other people's property, keeping a cut, and giving a percentage to your cronies or constituents. Teddy was a blowhard war-monger. Wilson was a racist pawn of corporate interests. FDR was one of more corrupt Presidents and nasty human being. MLK was a philander and a hypocrite. Margaret Sanger was a vile eugenicist. And so on. The world is a lot more nuanced, and people a lot more complex than the caricatures painted by leftist historians. But if they told the truth, their voters might not fear the alternatives as much. If you doubt it, point out inconvenient truths and see if they can accept them, or they attack.

Progressivism[edit | edit source]

Progressivism • [9 items]

  • Bad Predictions - People are resistant to change, and progressives want change -- so in order to get change, they need to sensationalize problems and paint a utopic picture of what the solutions will be like if you do what they want, and disaster if you don't. Whereas conservatives want lesser change, so don't need to hype problems and can be skeptical (moderate) about solutions.
  • Broken Promises - They say, "never assume malice for something more easily explained by incompetence". But they also say, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!" What we know is that on the big issues, the left is almost never right. And for some reason, that creates trust issues for the self aware, and it doesn't for the biased and polemic.
  • Good Predictions - Not all good predictions are by conservatives or the right. But by nature of being older, wiser and more cynical -- and willing to look at tradeoffs and consequences (especially Unintended Consequences), the odds are that their predictions will be more right than left-wing idealists painting a Utopic picture that all change is good change, or that they can fix every problem with more government and less freedom.
  • Living Document - Around 1900, Harvard and other progressives re-imagined Contract Law and the Constitution as a "Living Document". In other words, "Legal documents have no fixed meaning, and can be altered without the consent of either party, in order to meet the political whims of subsequent generations". aka 9 progressives can reimagine the Constitution into whatever suits them.
  • Progressive Choice - The progressive choice is like the light or dark side in Star Wars (and the Force). (a) you can imagine Social Injustice everywhere, hate America, and demand change without thinking through the consequences. (b) you can be happier and more informed, see the flaws counterbalanced with goodness, and living a better life. Up to you.
  • Progressives gave us - You often hear advocates claiming, "if it wasn't for progressives, you wouldn't have X...", then they explain without progressives, we wouldn't have roads, schools, police, fireman, military, or some other thing we had for decades or centuries before progressives. But I wanted to compile the other side of the equation (the balances).
  • Progressives ruin everything - If your voices are extremist activists that exaggerate or mischaracterize (or don't understand) a problem, and see the only solution as fascism (State control of private business or the individual), and they see everything as black or white (extremes), it will always end poorly. Every reasonable idea will either be blocked, or taken too far.
  • Quotes/Progressives - Progressives are usually simplistically supporting an evil philosophy. Most aren't self-aware enough to recognize it.
  • Social Security - Instead of helping people to save for retirement (and owning what they saved), we created Social Security. A youth-tax Ponzi-scheme that taught people to not plan for their future, turned people into dependents, and Americans savings went down. Results: by trusting government, many are far worse off than if there were no safety nets, and they'd save for themseles.

People[edit | edit source]

Progressives • [5 items]

Good Pillow
In response to Mike Lindell’s popular MyPillow (and support of Trump), on Feb 4th, David Hogg announced that he's going to "prove that progressives can make a better pillow, run a better business and help make the world a better place while doing it". I lasted almost a week before it stopped getting updates, and appears to have gone away.
Jim Jones
JIM JONES in 1977.jpg
The first trans-racial Marxist, given the MLK award, called the most influential Democrat on the West Coast, and was supported by Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, George Moscone, Harvey Milk, John Burton, Diane Feinstein, and was appointed to head Housing and Human Services in San Francisco., The Democrats highly honored bundler of votes/funds and respected cult leader... until crimes started coming out and he fled to Jonestown, Guyana. In failing health, with the authorities closing in, he convinced/forced his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid (Flavo-Aid), which is where comments about "don't drink the Kool aid" come from. While outside the U.S. all the participlants were from U.S.
Peace in the New Year
While, "no war at all" is a near impossible, we could certainly strive to make the world (or at least our part of it) a better / more harmonious place. And contrary to what many will tell you, this isn't even that hard of a goal., Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. ~ C. S. Lewis
Margaret Sanger
A caustic racist, classist and eugenicist that founded planned parenthood because there were too many brown babies. The sum of her beliefs was that some races/individuals were inferior to others, and humans should be bred (and inferior ones prevented from being born) in order to improve the human livestock.
Linda Sarsour
The face behind the Pussy-Hat protests who supports women... but also the subjigation of them to Sharia Law and honor killings, supports the Saudi Legal system while whining about American Legal System, supports terrorists and sympathizers, attacks female genital mutilation survivors, but think Trump is the problem for Women's rights.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

I'm not saying progressives are ALWAYS wrong. But they are virtually never right... at least not in degrees.

It's not that I don't like progressives: quite the opposite. We NEED progressives.

  • When they're the minority, they're great. Since they're a consensus culture (collectivists), and they know they don't have the majority, they point out real problems, push for moderate change, reasonably, and they're a great counter-balance to change-nothing (or too little) conservatives.
  • But when they get 50%+1 of the vote, they put on their jack boots, and their cupidity can never be assuaged. They push for radical change, ignoring the speed limit of progress (how fast society can adapt), and they cause backlash. Then blame that backlash on everyone but themselves. Since their ideas don't fix things, they keep looking for more and more radical/extreme variants to fix them, never questioning that they might be wrong or that they are taking things too far. And they will tear communities apart, and bully anyone who disagrees with them. They become California Bay Area, or NYC under Bloomberg, and keep getting worse until they're Detroit or Nazi Germany.

So, I like progressives... and in many ways, I am one. Or at least an educated one... which makes me a moderate. I like some of the things they champion: just not to the degrees or velocity they do. If they could grow up, they'd be great. But the problem is that if they grow up, they grow up out of being progressive, and into being more moderate and eventually conservative with change. Once you understand the consequences of change, it's harder to be a blind and ignorant champion of it. And if you want conservative and cautious change, and to apply skepticism, well then, you're an adult and a conservative.


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The Left Lies
When the truth disagrees with your agenda, you can grow (change) or lie. The left usually chooses the latter.

There's people, and then there's popular narratives that we tell about people.

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Party of fear
The lefts two biggest tools are envy, fear, and finger pointing to distract; used to manipulate their constituents.

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