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Canadian hypocritical singer and activist, best known for his collaborations with better musicians.
60's hippie that always thought he was smarter than he was, and demonstrated it through vocal opinion. But like wrong-way Biden, in hindsight, he seemed to usually be on the wrong side of most issues, from bashing Gays for AIDS, to blaming Nixon for Vietnam/Kent State, he's always been the voice of stupid.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

There was a brouhaha because Joe Rogan allowed the inventor of the mRNA mechanism on (the precursor to Pfizer/Moderna vaccine), and allowed him to voice his professional/expert opinions on COVID vaccines.

Those opinions have been exemplified by looking at the data that showed more deaths since the vaccine than before, worse caseloads/hospitalizations/deaths in places with higher vaccination rates (after it was promised as a cure), and went into how leaky vaccines is like not taking enough antibiotics: it just encourages mutation/resistant strains.

For that the far left has been demanding to Cancel Joe Rogan, and Neil Young, ever the follower, jumped on board.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Young is a Canadian (not American)... and it shows in his views about what he thinks about people that disagree with the consensus. Americans value free speech. Canadians? Not as much. Actions are louder than high volume lyrics...
  • Young wrote a protest song (Ohio) to demonstrate his ignorance about what happened at Kent State and why (a school I attended). He was the voice of an ignorant generation and blamed Nixon for something Nixon had nothing to do with. And the song's backlash helped to get Nixon win in a landslide in 1972, including carrying Ohio. [1]
  • Since Ohio got CSN&Y attention for being ignorant activists, he doubled down with his bigoted "Southern Man" that blamed the entire South for slavery/racism/etc. Missing how much was the North's fault or their actions. But depth was never his schtick. [2]
  • That lead to Lynyrd Skynyrd writing the far better and more accurate song "Sweet Home Alabama" to point out that most Southerners were good people, loved their country and state, and expressed what a putz they thought Young was. [3]
  • Neil stalked and bedded, lived with, and impregnated actress Carrie Snodgress. Then kicked her and his cerebral palsy suffering son (Zeke) out... and was eventually forced by the courts to make child support payments. [4]
  • In the 80's, Neil Young was a homophobe that said in an Rolling Stone Interview, "[you don't want some] faggot behind the fuckin' cash register... to handle your potatoes". Being wrong on disease causes/spread (and blaming the wrong people) seems to be a thing with him.
  • Neil loved anti-Scientific disinformation around being anti-GMO. Should he have been cancelled because of that? Oh, and his views (and contributions) fueled the anti-Vax movement that he now has a problem with, as this kind of mRNA vaccine is a GMO and/or turns you into one. [5]
  • Neil was unhappy with Spotify, well before this (and pulled his content in 2015), for their shitty sound quality. And after leaving, he did a screed against Spotify and their sound quality. So the whole "disinformation" on COVID might have just been cover or an excuse for his cause that most listeners don't care about: audio compression.
  • Neil started his Pono Music to improve sound quality above MP3. Despite a successful kickstarter, the Record labels wanted a premium for the higher quality music and Tidal started doing high quality streaming without the hardware, so Pono went splat (worse than the Zune). [6]
  • Neil was friends with Trump, tried to get him to fund some of his efforts, etc. Then Trump announces his election run and Neil (Bernie Supporting tool) gets outraged that one of his songs was in the background. [7]
  • Half of Neil's catalog is owned by BlackStone, which is now run by former Chairmaan of Pfizer. Was it really clueless self-righteousness, or was he just a puppet of the man? [8]
  • To demonstrate that Neil Young hasn't grown at all since his youth, Neil demanded that Spotify cancel Joe Rogan or remove Neil's music from the platform for the high. All for the high crime of letting experts Neil doesn't agree with, have a voice. [9]
  • Other far-lefties have jumped on board: Joni Mitchell, Liza Minelli pulled their catalogs (which generated virtually no revenue). Peter Frampton and Howard Stern offered support. David Crosby said he would have joined, if he hadn't of already sold out (all his rights). [10]
  • A rumor was started that Barry Manilow was pulling out of Spotify, but Barry corrected the record and said "not me".
  • Princess Harry and Prince Meghan denounced Spotify and threatened to mock them again, if they didn't drop Rogan. But nobody cares what inbreds and C-list actresses have to say. [11]
  • Leftist Trolls started the rumor that Spotify lost $2B in stock value due to Neil Young boycott. In truth, the market has been down, but ironically Spotify actually went up after announcing removing Neil's music. Neil's catalog is immaterial to Spotify's earnings [12]
  • It’s a highly leaky vaccine, against a fast mutating virus, may hurt. The left promised we wouldn't get a vaccine out in 2021, we did. Then promised if we got vaccinated, masked up, locked down for 15 days, and so on, it would end the pandemic, we did, it didn't. (Not to mention a dozen other lies/errors). Talking about the left's failures isn't disinformation, it's combatting their disinformation. Since they can't defend their actions, they attack anyone who speaks out. That's what this is really about, if you can't win on the merits, then time to bully the other side into silence.
  • Spotify did the right thing and respected the "artists" wishes and cancelled Neil, improving the quality of the platform. Then to try to appease the addicted-to-outrage crowd, they agreeing to put an advisory on things that can trigger idiots, and creating a COVID-19 Hub to regurgitate leftist disinformation (and lies of omission). [13]
  • Rogan responds in his usual fairly diplomatic way, pointing out that having experts on to explain their PoV, even when they disagree with consensus is kinda his thing, and cancelling over that, seems a bit extreme. [14]

Rogan-gate[edit | edit source]

Blaming Millennials for SnowFlake/Woke is unfair. They are a product of miseducation and misinformation that started with 60's (Baby Boomer) hippies and marxist tools like Neil Young and his supporters. Neil has a long list of saying/doing stupid things, and if he was measured by the yardstick he wants to use on Rogan, he'd be cancelled. So I don't suffer hypocrites or fools, especially when they can't learn from their mistakes, and Neil is both.

When Neil found out Rogan had people on like the creator of the mRNA vaccines and they dared to point out things the left botched on the virus mitigation (failed mask/vaccination mandates vaccines, especially kids/low risk cohorts), it wasn't enough that Young just disagrees with Spotify or Joe Rogan or the experts that know far more than him: I'm fine with ignorance demonstrating itself on soapboxes. But based on Neil's advanced medical pedigree conferred by Crosby, Stills and Nash -- Young knows so much more than everyone else, that he feels empowered to be a crybully and try to force Spotify/Rogan into compliance... or else he will take his music and go home. That's the problem. Have your voice. But don't try to silence others.

This to me, puts a crowning achievement on an epic asshole's life. He gets to go out the way he lived his life, a petty, clueless whining douchebag. I hope this is on his tombstone, "I fought my whole life against the wrong causes, in the wrong ways. How much better would I have been, if I had a shred of humility?"

What I'm not saying[edit | edit source]

Some will read in and think that I'm saying things that I'm not. So let me clarify:

  • I have no problem with Young speaking out against Rogan, or having his own misinformed opinion. Disagree with Rogan/experts, no longer do future business with Spotify... all those are fine. But reneging on a deal already made, in an effort to silence someone else for being more open minded than Neil is? That's a special kind of dumb-fuckery.
  • The same, I don't care if you like/dislike the vaccine. (I'm vaccinated). The vaccine may help with lowered hospitalizations/deaths per caseload, but we're not sure if increased cases offsets that. (Reducing symptoms, or telling people they're safe because they're vaccinated, usually increases risky behavior and spread). Either way, this is not the end game that was promised, and we have the right to remember, and discuss that and why. That's not disinformation, it's remembering the left's disinformation. And since they don't have a defense, they need to attack and silence.
  • This isn’t to say you have to agree with what Robert Malone (or Joe Rogan) had to say, or you can think his pedigree is overstated. All that is irrelevant, he should be allowed to voice his professional opinion, even if he’s wrong, without everyone he talks to getting fired/cancelled. That's what this is about.

All the elites are screaming, “off with his head” and “let them eat cake”... for just daring to discuss things they don’t like. Well, fuck them. That's the problem -- are we going to allow idiot-elites to tell us what to think, and what are impure thoughts -- or continue to be a free society, and allow both sides to fight it out in the public square? I vote for the latter. The marxist left like Neil Young and his supporters want to shut down any debate that they can't win.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

One thing that USED to bind us together as Americans is common beliefs in tolerating other people's right to have a stupid opinion (and express them). But that can't happen when the other side's stupid opinion is to bully and silence everyone else, or lie about them, or call them names. That's been Yong's modus operandi his whole life. At least he'll die the same ignorant bigoted Canadian that he started his life as. Even if he's an American Citizen now, he still doesn't get what it means to be an American.

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