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Articles about Native Americans, usually focused on blowing away leftist mythology about how great they are/were.
Articles about Native Americans, usually focused on blowing away leftist mythology about how great they are/were or how wrong/bad we were. The truth, is almost always more nuanced than what ideologues will tell you.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-07-07 

Do not get me wrong, I've known many Native Americans, and I like them and their culture. None of this is to bash modern Indigenous people's. But what's happening is that Marxists are trying to divide us by vicimhood status, and play the game "America was always wrong", and rewriting history in that direction.

History is interesting because it is colorful. You're not supposed to judge the past by today's values (the fallacy of presentism), but against their contemporaries.

  • If you judge the USA by the norms or Europe, Asia, Africa, or the rest of the Americas of their day -- then America was usually far, far better. .
  • If you judge George Washington or Thomas Jefferson as bad by the values of Today, because they had slaves, then Native Americans were worse, because they had them too, and did other things far worse.

Thus there's few litmus tests that Americans will fail, that others wouldn't have failed worse.

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Gentle savages
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Another lie I hear repeated is that the Native Americans were gentle or weren't savages. Um, yeah, not so much. There certainly were less-savage tribes, but there were many violent tribes that did horrible things. Sometimes retaliation was unfairly directed for the crimes of the few: but a lot of the retaliation was warranted, even if misdirected.
Native American Genocide
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A lie I hear repeated too often, is that Americans committed genocide against Native Americans. Smallpox blankets is used as proof, based on one letter, from one Brit to another Brit, during Indian wars, that they give back smallpox-laden blankets that they'd gotten from sick Indians. This was 200+ years after 80% of the Indians had been wiped out by accidental disease from the Spanish.

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Prager U
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American Indians Are Still Getting a Raw Deal


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