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Framed by FBI, they cleared Flynn in all accusations of collusion with the Russians.
Flynn in all accusations of collusion with the Russians, and the FBI knew Russiagate was a haox before they ruined Flynn, in a perjury trap, for the high crime of trying manage a peaceful transition of power. Obama was trying to destroy the Russian relationship on his way out, and Flynn was trying to smooth things over.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2017-06-30 

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The FBI cleared Flynn in all accusations of collusion with the Russians.
  • Former national security adviser Michael Flynn (for 24 days), was interviewed by #NeverTrumper Peter Strzok (who said we had to win against Trump, by any means necessary). They concluded Flynn had violated the Logan Act (something signed into law by John Adams in 1799 and has never been enforced since, ever: and folks like John Kerry participated in regularly. [1].
  • His high crime was communicating with the Russian ambassador during the “transition” period (after Trump’s election but before the inauguration), which is something we actually want administrations to do to ensure smooth transfer of power.
  • The Obama administration was trying to torch relationships with foreign powers during his lame-duck period, to make it harder for Trump to work with them -- and Flynn asked that the Russians not do anything hasty.
  • The big gotcha (perjury trap) was that when asked about 10,000 things, he said he hadn't discussed the Obama sanctions, and he had. So they got him for lying to the FBI, and we knew the details because Flynn had been illegally wiretapped by the Obama administration, so it should have never held up in a real court. But D.C.'s kangaroo courts let it go.
  • We know that they knew before asking him, and entrapped him that Russiagate was all a Hillary funded hoax, and they prosecuted Flynn in a political hatchet job that no one else in history has been prosecuted for.

Obama's crimes[edit | edit source]


The press spends a ton of time claiming Flynn lied to the FBI, or that he was ousted for colluding with the Russian government, but look into the details and it's all smoke and mirrors.

Specifically, Flynn asked Russia to delay a vote condemning Israel for settlements, and to not “escalate” after the Obama administration imposed lame-duck sanctions on Russia (efforts by the Obama administration to torpedo relationships with foreign powers, to make it harder for Trump to work with them). Obama prosecutors claim that Flynn was “conspiring” with the Russians, even though it had nothing to do with collusion during the election (since it was after the election was over).

We shouldn't know the details of the conversation, but Flynn had been illegally wiretapped because of the funded-by-Hillary-Campaign fake pee-pee dossier, that the Obama cronies had used as an excuse to tap Flynn's phone. And Flynn’s identity was illegally unmasked and illegally leaked to the public, all crimes and abuses of power to undermine the U.S. interests.

We can legally tape foreign officials, but must redact American ones from those recordings: so they couldn't have known it was Flynn, without violating his rights and due process. And we found out later, this was done because the FBI lied to a federal judge about the reason for the warrant (not disclosing the evidence to empower the search warrant was a fake pee-pee dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign, and was being used by the Obama administration to spy on his political opposition -- and illegally unmasking American citizens in violation of the law.

So there's some crimes here a lot more serious than the never enforced Logan Act, but it's by the Obama administration. Yet, somehow this never gets mentioned by the Press when talking about Flynn's high crime of lying to the FBI about what he talked about, to un-fuck a relationship that Obama was trying to sabotage during his last days in office.


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