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The speaker fight over Kevin McCarthy is an unforced error by everyone involved.
The speaker fight over Kevin McCarthy is an unforced error by everyone involved. McCarthy blew it. The 20 blew it. The commentators are blowing it. Even though both sides are right on their points, it's chimps throwing feces because their anger/self-righteousness is justified. But in the end, you still end up with a mess.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2023-01-04 
Kevin didn't have the votes when he got the nomination, and everyone knew it. Instead of handling this in Oct/Nov, or the year leading up to the obvious win, they pushed it to the last minute figuring they could crack the whip and avoid a charm/concessions or anything competent to get the win solidified before the vote. Then are shocked that the people saying they wouldn't vote for him, didn't vote for him. WTF did you think was going to happen.
No matter whether you like McCarthy, or don't, you have a valid point in claiming he shouldn't have had the vote until he'd gotten the votes signed on. Unless they lied, and since they'd been saying they wouldn't vote for him, it wasn't a lie.
Dan Crenshaw
One of the voices for Kevin was Crenshaw. His claim was that they had the primary in Dec, and McCarthy won, is the Republican candidate, and now it's the general -- vote for him, or you're voting for the Democrats. I disagree with Dan on all that.
  1. McCarthy shouldn't have been the nominee unless he had the votes to win.
  2. The people that ran on draining the swamp, are fighting for their constituents/promises, and trying to empower themselves to fight the swamp. And McCarthy has been a swamp creature. Their loyalty should be to the base and their promises, not the process and the RNC. So they're not wrong for voting against.
I don't hold it against Dan that he supports McCarthy. I knew Dan was a "color in the lines" and work with the establishment before I cast my vote for Dan. But Dan is making unforced errors like saying dumb things like, "We shouldn't give in to terrorists", or pretending they should vote for the Swamp, when they ran on voting against the Swamp. So Dan is alienating as many votes as he's gaining by getting in the middle of this one. Pick battles wiser.
  • Trump The Donald just said "Vote McCarthy" and move on. But the problem is that he's not the base that the 20 are catering to. I don't care what Trump wants, and they should either. Trump wasn't a good fiscal conservative, so his comments don't matter. It's not like the left or right is going to change their view, so nothingburger.
  • The Terrible 20 The 20 aren't wrong for voting against Kevin. They are idiots because they don't have a cogent message on what it'll take to get a win. You listen to any of them, and they're all over the place on what they want. That's dumb. Pick a set of demands that are reasonable, get them, and move on. But they haven't articulated any of that. Without a vision for victory, they're destined for failure. You aren't standing on principles if you don't have any that you can articulate.
  • Democrats The problem is the Republicans are a big tent party. And one side of the tend (the Freedom caucus/Tea Party/Fiscal Conservatives), feel they have been screwed by the establishement, because they've been screwed by the establishment. The Democrats are in a good place -- they could work with them to pick someone other than McCarthy, that might be acceptable to both sides, and work out a deal. But it appears they are wallowing in the short term PR victory, and missing a longer term legislative one. So even though they're not "involved" they're letting an opportunity go to waste.
  • Repeat Votes Pelosi understood, you don't have a vote until you're sure of the outcome in advance. McCarthy trying to just keep having the same vote to bully the other side into caving is showing why he shouldn't be speaker. Stupid.
  • McCarthy and Democrats The Republican #NeverMcCarthy folks have said they don't trust McCarthy because he's a turncoat (a McCain/Romney swamp creature). To assuage their concerns, McCarthy is working with Democrats to see if he can peel off their votes? Yeah, that'll unify the base. Or it'll guarantee that they'll vote against him for spite/revenge -- rather than compromise with conservatives, he'd rather compromise with lefties. Which proves their problems with him.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

In the end, this little drama doesn't mean anything. It's parlimentary process pissing contests -- with Democrats, Republicans and 20 opposition Republicans all looking inept. But while they're having their bitch fight, they're not fixing anything... but they're not taxing us, giving away more American's money, and not making anything worse. I'm not sure that's a loss.


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