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A Journalists account was attacked (Doxxed) by the haters of Free Speech (WaPo/Taylor Lorenz)
LoTT was a Twitter account that exposed leftist ideology in schools, by sharing what the "teachers" posted online themselves. Since these radical lefists telling the truth horrified the public, the far-left claimed LoTT was promoting hate by letting the left tell their stories. So LoTT was attacked/doxxed by WaPo/Taylor Lorenz, German Government and other hate groups.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-04-20 


The point was just to show raw video, that the far left uploaded themselves.

Examples of Videos:

  • Preschool teacher bragging she made preschoolers wear pronoun pins and change them every day
  • Non-binary Preschool teacher that teaches the kids she's non-binary and goes by Mx Grey
  • Another genderfluid polyamorous teacher teaching kids about what that is and why it's great
  • Teacher explaining, "when babies are born, doctors guess at Gender. If they get it right, they're CIS, if they get it wrong, they're Trans"
  • Another explaining that 3 or 4 get gender identity so not letting LGBT activists teach them their agenda is "internalized homophobia"
  • Video of preschoolers marching and chanting, "Black Lives Matter"
  • Another of a teacher screaming at a kid for letting the mask drop below his nose

The Attack[edit | edit source]

  • Twitter has a policy that there's no doxxing allowed. But it doesn't apply to attacking conservatives, as WaPo is not suspended nor those that shared it.
  • Biden admin attacked LoTT, claiming it was attacking gays or homophobia, for letting the far left have a voice beyond the echo-chamber of the far left
  • Harvard Law Intrustor (hotbed of lefism) bragged that he got LoTT suspended from Twitter.
  • WaPo reporter (Taylor Lorenz) started harassing LoTT creators' family for the high crime of being related to an anonymous source offering journalism.
    • Lorenz was a weepy leftist that claimed she was harassed and Doxxed by the evil right (and had PTSD) because people criticized her for hate/disinformation she posted against the right
    • WaPo lied that they didn't dox her by publishing her name, physical address with a link to her real-estate license (that they later deleted), and sicked the Gay Mafia after her.
    • Taylor is not a reporter and had no skills to track down LoTT. So who did that for her? Travis Brown / ex-Twitter employee runs a "hate speech" tracker (aka, attacker of anyone that's not far left enough). It is paid for by the Prototype Fund, which is sponsored by the German Government. So a foreign intelligence operation is being used to silence and intimidates, using techniques that Twitter promises to ban the right for using (but forgives Travis / ex-employee for doing). Taylor is legally required to register as a Foreign Agennt (FARA), but hasn't.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Taylor Lorenz stalking allegations - Lorenz encouraged doxing and bullying of others. But complains she's getting it back, "Poor me". Libs of TikTok had little sympathy after being victimized by Lorenz. And needless to saw, Twitter showed little sympathy for her.

Video[edit | edit source]

Tucker Carlson
YouTube Logo 2017.svg

Intimidation of LoTT

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Since the left won't police themselves, they attack the right for exposing the truth. The Florida Dont Say Gay bill, and some other states enacting similar bills, is partly because of videos like this, where the parents were allowed to see what their kids were being taught.

NOTE: The "Don't Say Gay" propaganda is a lie. The bill doesn't bad gay/trans or saying anything about it specifically. It says teachers of all genders/alignment should keep things age appropriate and not groom K-3 on their sexual preferences or practices. Most Floridians and Americans agree. But the far left considers that hate speech and "internalized homophobia" to have a view different from the radical left.


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Organizations that I felt the need to comment on (more often on the negs than the positives). But there's good/bad in all.

Washington Post
A once great paper, now a liberal fake news rag that looks more like Bezos Blog (or the DNC's blog) than an objective Newspaper.

Twitter is an enemy of free speech and tolerance.

I have a lot of family in Germany, and it's one of the nicest countries I've visited. This is often about the other stuff.

Tucker Carlson
Carlson is a political TV/Talkshow commentator, that giggles and asks hard questions. The left HATES him.

Taylor Lorenz
Crybully posing as a journalist with a history of Doxxing and Harassing others, then whines when it's reflected back.

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