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Articles about Latinos.
Articles about Latinos.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2021-01-01 

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Mexican American Discrimination
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There are always bigotries; worse in blue states than red, like Mexican-Americans in Texas versus California. Mexicans are usually treated better in America (with more rights/liberties/security) than they are in Mexico. And Americans in Mexico are certainly treated worse than Mexicans in America. So we aren't flawless, but context matters.
The Myth of the White Pedophile
When it comes to kids (including little girls), modern American white male is the least rapey on earth. Latino's and some other minorities? Yeah, not so much. Facts are facts, when you come from a sexist culture that doesn't value lives very highly, especially of females and children, then you're more likely to perpetrate crimes on those females and/or children.


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