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American constitutional scholar, historian, Professor of History at Western Connecticut State University.
Kevin R. Gutzman is an American constitutional scholar, historian and Professor of History at Western Connecticut State University, and all around nice guy. Also a Facebook friend of mine that I've had many interactions with over the years.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-08-23 

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Declaration of Slave Owners
A historian friend of mine (Kevin Gutzman) wanted to clear the record. It is not hypocrisy to say, "all men are created equal", and still accept that there was slavery (or Women weren't included). Ignoring the gross historical fallacy of Presentism, in this case, it is also ignorance.
Electoral College and the National Popular Vote
When democrats lose they often try to change the rules (eliminate the electoral college). But without the electoral collect, we wouldn't be a country, we'd be two separate ones because the rest of the nation isn't going to let NY and California decide for the rest of the nation. Democrats love diversity, unless it's diversity of opinion.


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