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a Libertarian commentator that was forced out of ABC for his views.
a Libertarian commentator that was forced out of ABC, and off of much of mainstream media for his views. Not because he was wrong, or didn't have a great following, but because the left doesn't appreciate truths being told that prove/demonstrate their biases.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-05-23 
  • In a April 2022 Stossel did a segment about bias on Wikipedia's political pages, quoting complaints of bias from Wikipedia:Larry Sanger (Wikipedia co-founder) and complaining that Wikipedia won't consider right-leaning outlet "reliable", while doing the same for more dubious left-leaning outlets, and offered examples of what he considered biased treatment of various topics. [1]
    • I tried to make an edit to Stossel's Wikipedia page, to prove/disprove Stossel's point that they block right leaning outlets, wiht a link to Stossel's video that he posted to a right leaning outlet (Rumble). That edit was blocked, because Rumble wasn't a valid source, because it was where "right wing nutters" hung out. Proving Stossel's point.
    • I pointed out that the source was John Stossel, the only thing that Rumlbe provided was hosting. But if having nutters on your pages invalidate a source, why was YouTube and Twitter and Facebook OK? That went over their head.
    • To comply with the made-up rules, I changed the citation to YouTube (which is an accepted source). And the edit was rejected because Stossel's political opinions on Wikipedia were not relevant to an article on Wikipedia that was about John Stossel, subsection his political opinions.


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This is the root for finding info on people

Wikipedia is both hit and miss. Most articles are pretty good, but there's a leftist bias amongst too many articles.

ABC has quite a bit of bias, here are some examples of their left-wing woke stupidity.

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