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How do you support a Widow?
How do you support a Widow?
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Created: 2023-03-30 
  • What does a Widow need from you/others? What can you do?

Supporting[edit | edit source]

Move to coping....

I did. Sorta... Wife died end of March 2023, I moved from Houston to Phoenix by Nov.... I had to go back in March 2024 to close up the old house, sign closing papers, and move the last of the stuff. While visiting in 2024, after being out of town for 4 months, it was amazing how much better Phx was for my psyche, and how much I felt I regressed (greif wise) when visiting Houston (and packing up the last of my stuff). The home, neighbors, and appropriately named local haunts, all had her ghost (our memories). I felt like I'd moved back a few months with the open crying and closing of a chapter. It is MUCH easier in the new place, even if I still think of her regularly, and have momentos and my little memorial to her, etc... it all felt old-life/new-life even after just months. New GF and I moved in together (she's a widow too)... and both of us did some pretty dramatic cullings. Getting new bed (no old marital beds), most of the furniture (with a few favorite things going), almost no old pictures. (They are in boxes in the garage -- new place is mostly for new pictures).... We also did common space, and common master.... but then each have our own bedrooms as private space (Vickiland/Daveland)... and in the private areas, we have some pictures and reminders of our old life, and relatives, etc... but try to keep the common space about us (except for each having a little alter to our exes with their mini-urns, and a few things special about them, and a little angel statue each. For us, this is a good balance of honoring our old life and 30 years with our late spouses... and our new life together.


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After 32 years with the "love of my life", I joined the Widow's Club, then learned everything I could, and summarize it in this book.

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