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Community watch guy gets assaulted by street-thug and commits self defense. Media spins it as racism.
A drugged out MMA fight-club teen mounts and is beating Zimmerman into unconsciousness, when George defended himself. The media/left spins George as the villain for not dying in the assault, because in intersectional politics black criminal beats latino communitarian.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2016-07-05 
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George Zimmerman - a racist white vigilante stalks and shoots an innocent black 12 year old honor student (as depicted) for wearing a hoodie while in a white neighborhood. He had just gone to the local convenience store for some medicine and skittles for his sick little brother at home. a non-racist latino community-watch guy, has his name dragged throught the mud by a false media narrative when he investigates a suspicious 17 year old 5'11" tattooed, gold-grilled "No_Limit_Nigga" peering in windows one rainy night. George is jumped by Trayvon, defends himself, as he's beaten into unconsciousness, and the media/Obama spin it as being racist. George is vindicated by trial, later sues and wins.

Facts[edit source]

           Main article: Trayvon Martin/Facts
🗒️ Note:
Show me who corrected the story from the FakeNews Zimmerman ambushing poor little Trayvon, to the truth that it was Martin that laid in wait and ambushed Zimmerman?

The media/far-left/BLM narrative was dishonest at the time, made worse by suppressing the truth and not correcting the errors:

  • There was no evidence of racism. And if Trayvon had been White, Asian, or latino and done the same stuff, the same result probably would have happened, and it wouldn't have been a media story.
  • The media showed a picture of Trayvon at 12, instead of the 17 year old football player and Gang supporter
  • They pretended Trayvon was an honors student, instead of he was kicked out of a school for drugs and theft, and was hanging out with gang bangers, and into MMA, and bragging on social media about beating people down
  • They perpetuated the story of Trayvon bringing home medicine for his sick brother, instead of him having the ingredients for an illegal street cocktail on him (Lean), which he'd bragged about
  • They spun a Latino Community watch guy into a White Vigilante
  • They spun investigating suspicious behavior as racial profiling a kid for wearing a hoodie -- and omitted that meandering in the rain, looking in windows, in a community that had recently had more break-ins since Trayvon the burglar had moved in, is suspicious behavior and exactly what community watch folks should have their eye on and report, as George did.
  • They perverted clear self-defense into somehow George the aggressor? Being ambushed, mounted and beaten on, and having your head smashed against the cement, repeatedly is reasonable concern for safety/life. And the evidence was there in the police report all along, including photos of the damage.
  • Zimmerman was acquitted, for obvious reasons, and those reasons weren't racism -- despite all the hand-waiving and pearl clutching by the racists who wanted him punished for ending a black thugs life.

They media amplified the violence and disinformation, because it was good for ratings, and furthered their leftist agenda of bashing America, cheering on violent criminals, and supporting Democrat lies.

Then they suppressed the truth, and never corrected the record or apoligized, because the truth made them look bad

Obama[edit source]

           Main article: Trayvon Martin/Obama
When you reward bad behavior with media attention you will get more of it. Obama jumped into the Trayvon fray, and did a speech that was the worst thing possible to unite us.
  • He doesn't correct the misconceptions
  • He never tried to calm the racial animus
  • He never waited for the evidence
  • He takes the side of the race-hucksters and feeds racial division with comments like, "if I had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon".
  • Whether intended or not, he emboldened the race baiters, and lead to many more incidents.
  • Obama's had decades to correct the record, and admit mistakes and do the right thing. He chose the lower path instead.

The violence of today, can be traced back to this false narrative and a President that was a community agitator instead of a diplomat

Occams Razor[edit source]

           Main article: Trayvon Martin/Occams Razor

What is more likely:

  • (A) that a latino community watch guy with a history of volunteering to help black/minority, disadvantaged kids, decided to kill Trayvon because he hates black kids, but he calls the cops first
  • (B) a violence glorifying thug-in-training (headed down the gang path), decides to jump a community watch guy because he didn't like being eyeballed, and gets shot because he doesn't realize that escalating to violence carries consequences that he'd mostly dodged before

The racism angle never made any sense... and even if it was true, it wasn't evidence of systemic racim -- just one bad lone actor, as this was never a coordinated plot, or something that was encouraged by the system. However, that Trayvon kept getting off because he was black? That felt like black privilege that lead to fatal consequences.

Alternative[edit | edit source]

🗒️ Note:
While Prison reformations are theoretically possible, they'e rare: ≈70% of released criminals are re-arrested within 3 years (and that's not counting the ones that aren't caught). And it's higher the younger you are, and the less opportunities you have. So playing the odds: George saved society millions of dollars, and another thug. Sorry, it sucks, it's cold -- but those are the REAL facts in this case. That's not racist, that's just statistics. There's an extremely slight chance he would have pulled his life together... but that's more the audacity of hope, that the reality of his choices.

People ignore that even if Trayvon hadn't been killed that night, he would have gone to prison for aggravated assault and possibly attempted or successful murder

Once that happened, he likely would come out years later, having been in a prison gang, more hardened, with a millstone around his neck of being a violent felon (less employable), and probably an even bigger chip on his shoulder. (And since he was known to glorify gangs, he'd probably come out as a gang banger).

Assaulting strangers because you're not smart enough to figure out gated communities with signs saying neighborhood watch, might have actual neighbors that watch you? That doesn't reek of a kid with a lot of forethought or that thinks about his future.

We all make mistakes as teens, but as bad as mine or yours were, I doubt they involved sucker punching, then mounting and wailing on a stranger, because you thought a community watch guy was a gay rapist, then going for his gun.

Post Mortem[edit source]

           Main article: Trayvon Martin/Post Mortem

To keep the stupidity coming, you have things like:

  • Florida Memorial University (a Black University) awarding Trayvon a posthumous honorary degree in aviation (because he liked getting high?). Nothing like attaching their brand to a dead thug to help their credibility and enrollment. [1]
  • 7 years after Trayvon Martin, the far left and FakeNews media is still repeating known lies about the case. Kamala, Ebony, NAACP, Mom's Demand Action, Everytown USA, Essence, CNN. All demonstrably incompetent at best, liars trying to keep false race narratives alive at worse. [2]
  • George Zimmerman sued the family after the documentary The Trayvon Hoax (2019) exposed that the family had done a switcharoo with who Trayvon's girlfriend was, and what had happened. That they had knowingly committed witness fraud, obstructed justice, or lied repeatedly under oath in order to defraud the court to railroad him. [3]

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

So what we know is:

  • Trayvon Martin/Facts - Media/Left lied about what happened, and still repeats lies.Media/Left lied about what happened, and still repeats lies.
  • Trayvon Martin/Obama - Obama never missed an opportunity to sow the seeds of racial division.When you reward bad behavior with media/Presidential attention, you get more of it. Obama jumped into the Trayvon fray, and did a speech that was the worst thing possible to unite us, but fertilized the race hucksters and BLM. Obama owns some of the subsequent violence.
  • Trayvon Martin/Occams Razor - Racism never made sense, and if Trayvon hadn't been killed, he'd be in prison.Assuming racism was racist, and didn't make sense. But Trayvon was on the express train to career criminal; he would have gone to prison for the assault.
  • Trayvon Martin/Post Mortem - Bigots gave the little thug posthumous degrees, or repeated the lies.To show how little some think of the Black Community, places like Florida Memorial University gave Trayvon a posthumous degree in aviation (because he liked getting high?), or repeated lies about what happened, after knowing better.

The Trayvon Hoax (2019) • [1 items]

The Trayvon Hoax (2019)
Trayvon was a drug-dealing thug that ambushed a Latino guy, and was beating the shit out of him, when he was shot in self-defense... and not some innocent tween shot for wearing a hoodie. This goes on to also expose that Rachel Jeantel was not Trayvon's real girlfriend (Diamond Eugene), and the prosecutors were either incompetent or perpetrated the fraud out of malice.


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