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Gaige Grosskreutz was a repeat felon, pointing an illegally posessed Glock at Kyle Rittenhouse when he was shot in the arm.
Gaige Grosskreutz was a repeat felon (robbery, parole violations, illegal assault with deadly weapon, rioter), and he admitted on the stand that he was pointing an illegally possessed pistol at Kyle Rittenhouse when he was shot in the arm.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2021-11-23 

Gaige was quite a piece of work. He got caught lying a few times on the stand, but even he admitted he ran up on Kyle, and Kyle did not shoot until he started pointing his gun at Kyle: proving a clear case of self defense. And causing the prosecuting attouney to face palm himself at how good a witness for the defense Gaige had been.

Lies[edit source]

  • [1] Grosskreutz said he grabbed his handgun because he thought Rittenhouse was an active shooter. But admitted Rittenhouse was running away and told Grosskreutz he was going to the police.
  • [2] Grosskreutz claimed Rittenhouse racked the bolt back on the AR-15 while he had his hands in the air. There is no evidence of that, and it doesn't make sense that an experienced shooter would do that.
  • [3] Grosskreutz told the police, "I dropped my firearm" before he was shot. Video/photos show he had not.
  • [4] Grosskreutz admitted he'd filed a $10M lawsuit against the city of Kenosha, and he omitted (lied) that he was armed when he was shot by Rittenhouse.
  • [5] Grosskreutz said it is not true he chased Rittenhouse. There's a photo and video of Grosskreutz grabbing his handgun while running toward Rittenhouse.
  • [6] Grosskreutz told police he had told Anthony Huber to stop hitting Rittenhouse with a skateboard. While a witness (and knowing there was audio and witnesses that contradicted that), he confessed it was not true.
  • [6] Grosskreutz best friend had tweeted that Gaige had said from the Hospital bed that he wished he'd been faster and killed Kyle. His friend recanted for the trial and claims he made it up, Gaige said he never said that. But it sounds like him.

Facts[edit source]

  • [1] Gaige had a criminal record including probation violation, assault and battery, domestic abuse, false imprisonment (kidnapping), illegal weapons. He should not have been armed as his conceal and carry permit was expired. And on probation, he should not have been hanging out with known criminals at a protest, after 3 nights of violence/criminality.


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