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Ezra KleinBackground
Founded his career with an email-list enabling journalists to conspire on leftist doctrines.
A wannabe journalist, that started his "illustrious" career violating the ethics of his job: creating a partisan list of polemic democrats posing as journalists, so they could conspire together to deceive the public on the "news of the day", and coordinate their narratives.
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Created: 2022-01-06 

Background[edit source]

           Main article: Ezra Klein/Background

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Ezra was a blogger and democrat activist who worked for Howard Dean’s primary campaign
  • Ezra became famous for creating a secret JournoList (2007-2010), which was a way for democrat activists masquerading is journalists to coordinate their attacks, until it was exposed as embarrassing confirmation that all the participants were like-minded liberal trolls following the same script. This 31-year-old don of the “Juicebox Mafia” was exposed and they had to shut that list down, then promptly recreate it somewhere else (herd thinkers have to flock)
  • 2008 tweet in which he Ezra suggested using an “acid-tipped” male member to “Fuck Tim Russert"
  • In 2009 he said Joe Lieberman (for wavering in support of ObamaCare), seemed “willing to cause the death of hundreds of thousands of people in order to settle an old political score.”
  • His 2010 remark that the Constitution is “not a clear document” because it was “written 100 years ago.” — double stupidity
  • Being a water carrier for the DNC got him a job at the Washington Post, to continue his wonkblog in print form where he regularly misinforms his base and attacks anyone with enough basic understanding to correct him.

Khan[edit source]

           Main article: Ezra Klein/Khan

When Democrats put a disingenuous polemic (Khizr Khan), on stage at their Democrat National Convention, for the purpose of attacking the President and his son, Trump responded poorly. (As usual). Ezra did a heartfelt video to appeal to partisan Democrats and ignoratti (Ezra's Retort) -- while ignoring the context that the DNC was taking the low road to give a platform to hate/division in the first place.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

So Ezra is a journalist like Joseph Goebbels was a Film Maker. True, but not the whole truth.

  • Ezra Klein/Background - A journalists present facts on both sides. A propagandist presents one side of a story to swing people to their side. Ezra's no journalist.Remember, a journalists job is to present facts (on both sides), and leave it to their readers/viewers to decide. Presenting one side of a story to swing people to your side is either a propagandists or an activists job.
  • Ezra Klein/Khan - Democrats put anti-American speaker at DNC convention to attack Trump. Ezra counter-attacked Trump for responding.Dem's attacked Trump and his son at their convention through anti-American (pro-Sharia law) proxy Khizr Khan. Trump of course responded forcefully and in-artfully. And Ezra of course voiced his opinion omitted the context of Dems/Khan's starting it, or Khan's background, and going after Trump for not taking the cheap shot silently.


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