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I don't necessarily shooting water guns at strangers is a good idea. But having lived in Akron, this being a racial hate crime, and this was at LeBron James-founded high school, this has all the bottom feeder material that the left/media loves to hype. Except since the kids color is white, they'll just write it off to youthful indiscretion, instead of admitting that Social Justice might have fanned these flames, gotten the overreaction, and that violence is just as bad black on white, as white on black. Only the former is far more common. But you wouldn't know it from the media.

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3 Blacks beat white teenager to death
Ethan Liming (17) and buddies shot a water gun at some kids playing basketball. 3 black adults (19-21) beat Ethan to death over what is "racial animosity" (Aka Ethan was white and deserved it). The biggest problem with this is that the media/left will not treat it the same as if it had been 3 white adults had beat up a black kid for being in the wrong place/color.


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