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A government panel that denies you access to life-saving healthcare, is a death panel. ACA has a death panel.
Republicans (and Sarah Palin) started using the term "Death Panels" to describe part of the ACA, where a panel of 15 (called IPAB) could make life and death decisions over what treatments would be covered or not. The left denied it existed, but accounted for the savings these panels would bring by denying care. Fake Fact Checkers denied they existed.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-02-11 
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Democrats and their media (and fact-checkers) denied there was such a thing as a "Death Panels" in the ACA, and accused the Republicans of lying, calling it the lie of the year in 2009. Democrats campaigned on the ACA panel of 15 (called IPAB) that would make life and death decisions over what treatments would be covered, and that would lead to huge savings and even balance the budget. When this panel was eliminated in 2018, they decried the end of the panels they claimed never existed.

The Dems put in a fraud that they knew would never be implemented called the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board), which the republicans labeled the "death panel". The IPAB it was a panel of 15 who would decide unilaterally on what life-saving treatments would be covered or not. Since they were denying you service to what the democrats called a right, and denying those services would kill you, the death panel was an unfriendly but not untrue name.

The Democrats wanted it both ways, they claimed "death panels" (and the IPAB) didn't exist (it did), but then they claimed it did exist (when it wasn't yet implemented) when it came to imaginary cost savings that it would incur by eliminating expensive treatments. It was a double flim-flam. The rational (non-democrats) knew that it would never do what it was designed to do (because politicians didn't want to get caught empowering a death panel), which meant the cost savings claimed by the Democrats was a fraud all along. And thus the losses by cutting it, are also a fraud. But it was in the ACA/Law, so once again the Republicans were right and the Democrats and their media were lying all along.

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There is another complexity, in there was also Section 1233 of bill HR 3200, which would have paid physicians for providing voluntary counseling to Medicare patients about living wills, advance directives, and end-of-life care options. In other words, paid agents of the government would be advising people based on the conflict of interest. If they advised people to fight some terminal or chronic maladies, it would be expensive. If they advised them on end-of-life options, they could save money. So it setup a moral hazard.

Many of the fact-checkers glossed over the problem, by claiming since these panels weren't mandatory, and just because they were incentivized to kill people and save costs, doesn't prove that it would. But if they didn't, then the imaginary savings the Democrats were promising wouldn't materialize either: so either way the Democrats and their fact-checkers were lying.

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The most insulting thing is that congress is not supposed to be able to do this under the law (create agencies like the IPAB) and defer their legaslative responsibilities to create law (regulations) to another group. It's called the nondelegation doctrine, not that progressives on the court or legislature have ever paid attention to it... never let the law of the land get in the way of a political agenda.

But anyways, this the Death Panels are dead. Which is impressive if you're a Democrat, as they claimed they never existed IRL, unless you were talking about imaginary accounting tricks, where they accounted for it. And while I'm not completely against the spirit of it (having some agency to decide what is effective healthcare or not), the political implementation was never ever going to work.

Every media agency, political pundit, and politician that claimed either there was no death panels, or that we would see the cost savings from having one, is proven a liar, fool or polemic. We just call them Democrats or Politicians: it's all the same thing.


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