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Overrated American singer, songwriter, multimillionaire pretending to be a working man.
Overrated American singer, songwriter, ($650M) multimillionaire, living on a 450 acre horse farm, pretending to be a working man. He became famous crooning about the working class American life. But also mocking working class Americans if they preferred Capitalism to Marxism. He nicknamed himself "the Boss" after delusions of grandeur.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-05-08 

  • Dixie Chicks - I don't care that ignorant country singers have an opinion on politics (or the Iraq War). But voicing it on foreign soil, while we're in a war, is dumb timing: especially when your audience is Country Music. Since doing it, Dixie Chicks lost many fans, and hasn't been the same.
  • Trans-tolerance, Charlotte and Lady's Restrooms - I support trans-folks being able to use whatever bathroom they want. Right up until they try to bully others and pass laws forcing others to adapt to their delusion. That's where they jump the shark and go from defending the little guy, into being the bullies.


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This is the root for finding info on people

Democrats have no problems with THEIR mudslingers, and throwers of hostile rhetoric. But pearl clutch over the other side.

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