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WNBA drug abuser got arrested in Russia, since she's a Lesbian PoC, Joe Biden put America last, and rewarded kidnapping.
We captured Viktor Bout Terrorist/Arms Dealer. So Russia nabbed WNBA Griner for smuggling Pot (THC for Vape). Since Griner is a loudmouthed anti-American Lesbian PoC, Joe Biden put America last, and rewarded kidnapping, and made a trade for Griner -- while ignoring Marine Veteran Paul Whelan who had been in longer on weaker charges.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-12-08 
  1. I'm neutral on Griner being freed. She committed the crime. Her lame excuse makes it worse. And that she hates America, doesn't help. But it was a bullshit weaksauce nab as well. She was dumb, and gave Russia the opportunity to exploit her. But Russia was abusing power.
  2. If Biden had testicles and brains, he would have basically said something like, "we're going to give Ukraine a Himars or Patriot battery, for each month her and Paul are in custody." Negotiate from strength -- and raise the costs, not the reward.
  3. To make it worse, it was ignoring Paul Whelan's captivity that's a bigger problem. It shows that Griner was purely a political stunt, and he's perfectly happy to leave Americans behind (like in Afghanistan), if they're patriots. But if they're anti-American basketball players that might pander votes in the black community? He'll put America back in chains, for those votes.
  • Griner Handoff Video of the exchange (hand-off) was hacked up (edited) for Political Purposes. Everyone was shaking each others hand, so she shook Viktor Bout's hand. Since it was bad optics, Journalists did something very unjournalistic and editing that out. Their job is to record history, not doctor it for the Democrats/Biden.[1]

Viktor Bout

Who did we trade for an Anti-American WNBA player?


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