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Spoiled kid, that achieved lifes goals by early 20's, stealing other people's ideas. This stalled maturation.
Spoiled kid, that achieved lifes goals by early 20's: which stunted his growth into adulthood. (Still waiting). He got rich by stealing other people's ideas, legal tricks, connections, and lots of things that didn't involve talent as much as ruthlessness. There's some to admire, and a lot not to.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-03-18 

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Bill Gates is a Genius
Is Bill Gates a genius? I don't think he's dumb - he was certainly smart and motivated enough to take advantage of opportunities that fell into his lap. And he was very industrious and competitive. But if you put 100 motivated people in that situation, I bet 30 could have been wildly successful. A few more successful and less jerky.


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