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Racist, un-constitutionalist, tyrannical bigot killed more Americans than any other President.
My interest in Honest Abe, was always about the darker parts of his history, that the High School History books skipped. People are complex, so I didn't want the caricature, I wanted to know his humanity. He was racist orator (just less racist than his contemporaries), with an ego big enough to kill half a million men. Freeing the slaves was a byproduct of the war his election victory started.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2017-05-19 
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Honest Abe, great progressive President and statesman, who fought for equal rights for blacks, freed the slaves, and the Democrats wish he was theirs. (I do too). Started a war over a punitive tax policy and not wanting to bear the brunt of Compensated emancipation, got 600K Americans killed, tore the nation apart, shat on the Constitution. An abolitionist white-supremacist who didn't think of blacks as equal, but more like the ASPCA thinks of pets: an inferior species that needs to be protected by a superior one.

Civil War and Slavery[edit source]

           Main article: Civil War and Slavery
History is rich and complex, not this shallow flat "good vs. bad" or the North was righteous and the South was evil bullshit. Since I care about the uncomfortable truths, more than the comforting fictions, I often discuss these things. In the real world, Slavery was the largest catalyst of bigger schism going on. But without slavery the pending war was still likely.

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Abe Lincoln, vampire hunter!

Abe Lincoln: the worst mistake I made was appointing Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court.
Why can't Democrats just let a Republican watch a play? ~ Abraham Lincoln

Tweets - Abe Lincoln: Fuckin' wife dragging me to another stupid play. Someone shoot me now. John Wilkes Booth: LMFAO!

Lincoln: Anything is a dildo, if you're brave enough. (Maybe we shouldn't trust every quote we find on the Internet?).

620,000 died to end slavery, instead of calling us racists, can we get a "thank you"?

1863 or 2017 it's always the same with the Democrats, "Who will pick our crops?"

Walter Williams: The flap over the Confederate flag is not that simple. Racists have used the Bible, U.S. flag, and other great symbols too? Should we ban them all?


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