Week 3

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Lots of visits. I worked on rehab choices, domestic chores, and panic. She got a cheek infection, and wanted to give up.
Lots of visits from many friends. I worked on rehab choices, domestic chores, and just controlling worry. She got a cheek infection. Since her memory was shorter, she thought she'd be in the Hospital forever (and would continue to be) and just wanted it over. Once we convinced her of how much better she was getting, and there was an end, she got focused on getting out.
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2023-03-04 to 03-10 - Lots of visits. I worked on rehab choices. Cheek infection. Husband in crisis. I'm done.

  • The third week was visits, progress, and her panic over what had happened and wanting her life back.
  1. I was doing domestic chores, working on Rehab choices, while managing Melissa visits/calls/contacts with people. (She loves people, and needed the stimulation). And still taking a few work calls, and being perpetually freaked out about next milestones, and what she still needed for her qualify of life. (And having no control over any of it).
  2. Out neighbors/friends/community had been incredibly supportive all along, had setup meals, and Mary (Melissa's Mom) was at our house and commuting in/back with me or Mirna.
  3. Linda (coworker/workout buddy), old friends/coworkers were sending well wishes through me, Mandy (Freind) was being a saint and just rubbing her face, giving her social stimulation, helping her groom and making Melissa purr. Shannon (running friend) came by. As did Mirna, Carrie (her friend + haircutter), and a few other workout friends (Diane and Mary).
  4. Melissa got a face infection (Salivary gland/MRSA), they got it under control with Antibiotics quickly
  5. And the Hospital was every day talking about an MRI that they never got to, but would do CTs instead. But she started PT/OT (Physical and Occupational therapy) and was doing well... but starting way further back than I'd thought.
  6. By now I figured out that the halicinations were halucinations (called Charles Bonnet Syndrome / CBS), and wondering why the staff hadn't explained more about how this was "normal" (or at least not unexpected) with some stroke victims. I was explaining it to Melissa, but while she remembered a lot of things -- remembering that the halucinations weren't real was tougher for her. "Oh, that's not real?"... "When are we going back to my room".
  7. By the end of the week she was fearing that this was her life now. She couldn't see the progress because her memory didn't go back that far (as well as she's seeing it from the other side). And she was really upset. She was done, and just wanted to go home and die. But we were able to talk her through how much progress she'd made and was making, and how quickly she'd get better. And that got her some skeptical peace. (As she started noticing the progress, she got much better).

Journal[edit | edit source]

Day 15[edit source]

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2023-03-04 (Saturday) - the staff isn't making as big of moves on the weekends any more, this is mostly, Melissa just talking and getting stronger.
  • Domestic Chores
  1. I bought cat food, Dave food, threw out the hairy food in the fridge (the 3 week old grey burger meat that smelt like Gorgonzola wasn't the aged beef I was going to try), did laundry (all my stuff fit in one load; I don't mind grey socks).
  2. I checked with the doctors on other stuff, but the Neurologists are dodging me. I think it's because they don't know anything, and what they do know doesn't tell much. But I'd rather know than not know.
  3. I chatted with Melissa, and told her what I was up to today. She talks to herself (normally), I guess she said, "Damn Dave" and when asked, replied that I knew what I did -- but I didn't. It's like the time she was mad at me for a day I did something in a dream she'd had.
  4. I added links to this to her FB page (and mine) and did some clean-up to the journal (image adding, etc). And of coruse that starts a flurry of people asking things (direct message) that I need to handle.
  5. Melissa does bills... I'm going to have to see how that goes. (I think most is on auto-pay). I figure everyone gives me a month grace, or will start sending nastygrams that I can follow up on. And in another week, I can start asking her how to pay them. (With 4 properties, a dozen accounts on both input and output, and we were in process of moving a few from one bank to another, it's not like this is as simple as just push "pay bill".)
  • David Dornacker Melissa had an unmailed card to an ex Co-worker (Pilot?) at ExpressJet. And when I'd logged on her machine, there was a msg thanking her for the cards she'd been sending during his battle with Lukemia/transplant. I shared Melissa's plight, got wellwishes from him and his wife, and I shared that back (through Mary) and Melissa was delighted. (We normally go through the list of closer friends and family that have asked, and she loves that. But we often throw in a few people outsde the inner circle -- and get recognition and delight).
Linda Visit
Linda is a work-out buddy, and coworker with American Greetings (where Melissa and her manage Greeting Card Displays in various Grocery Stores). She visited, talked work, and workout.

Day 16[edit source]

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2023-03-05 (Sunday) - feral househusband, friends, and chatty Melissa.
Feral Househusband
I thought I did so good yesteday with my domestic housekeeping, but it appears I'm not completely domesticated (a little feral). (Click to read my shame).
  1. I threw in my one load in the laundry (colors, jeans, whites in at once: future greys), flung a tide-pod (fling), pressed the button, it started making noise (spinning), and I ran off to shopping. Came home, threw it in the drier; noting that it did a really good job of spin drying and fluffing as it didn't feel damp or have to be peeled off the sides? Oh well, I dried it, and put it this away in the morning (so that it was properly wrinkled in the drier overnight)... and noted when I was near complete an unbroken fling in it? WTF? If washing requires soap (and water) I might not have actually done the load I'd attempted? It's worked before, honest. Not sure where the failure was, but at least they're properly wrinkled. Since there's no one else in the house except the cat, I think I've narrowed down the culrpit. Damned cat. I'm pretty sure she left it on vent, instead of setting it to cottons.
  2. Speaking of the cat, she puked up white stuff? That's new. (Not the puking, just color/consistency). She was a little low on food and appears to have eaten toilet paper? That's a mystery for another day. I topped off her bowl of food, and off to the hospital.
  • Friends I went through the Facebook posts I made of this journal, and went through every one that sent replies or well wishes (about 60 people). I don't know some of names, but Melissa just nailing all of them. "That's from Saint Columban's", or "That's my Cousin's Daughter", and so on. Every one is "Aww", and something about them.
  • Visits
  1. Mandy visited and was trying to unmess Melissa's hair (the french braids were starting to dreadlock), and gave her pig-tails (after the picture I took). Melissa said, "Let's call Carrie, and when she found Carrie was busy until Friday, Melissa piped in, tell her we'll pay triple!". We were all laughing. But Mandy and Melissa always just have a great time. Later Melissa mentioned to Mandy that her ear was hurting.
  2. An old friend (Gary Neshanian) called, and heard us talking/interacting with her, and was so happy to hear how much of her memory and attitude she still has.
  3. Also our friend (her gradeschool friend) Gina called, and got a full dose of Melissa-personality over the phone.
She laughed at my laundry stories, and told her Mom to help me. While Melissa is healing, she's telling me of her dreams and what she "sees". (I think this is all part of the brain-healing process, is vivid dreams and rewiring). But that's some quirky stuff that was making us laugh. But Melissa also admitted (to us and Mandy) that she's scared and wants her old life and independence back. We are too. But her progress and the awareness required to have that fear hints that she will.
  1. There was Mary and Me twerking
  2. There was going to Vegas and there were black transvestites everywhere. (She's gotta stop watch RuPaul's Drag Race).
  3. She said every time she turns on the TV there are black girls Sheniqua and Shinaqua. (She used to love watching Diamond and Silk?) Not sure if she was into the Housewives of BET?
  4. Then there's Chris Malone (from SVU) self gratifying in his trailer (in front of his wife and kids)? She's an SVU fan... but wasn't very happy with the #MeToo imagery that her mind was giving her. ("Can't get that image out of her head").
  5. She says, "this doesn't make any sense, I'm just rambling". Along with "I'm a productive Member of Society... I want my brain back". (And she wasn't happy with the weirdness of the vivid dreams).
Houston Methodist called me about staying on campus. Basically, the sales pitch about continuity of healthcare providers (by staying with them instead of TIRR). There are complex choices. I asked the stroke victim, but she avoided the decision. (But got all the tradeoffs).
  1. TIRR in Texas Med Center is known for brain injury specialty - but has the disadvantage of her not getting a private room (and she could be paired up with a screamer).
  2. TIRR in the Woodlands, borrows people and processes from TIRR, but doesn't carry the prestige or specialization of brain injury -- but she can get a private room
  3. Houston Methodist keeps her in the same buildings (with access to all her normal doctors), and gets a private room, but considers themselves on par with TIRR in Woodlands.

I think to make a good decision, I need to know how bad her condition is, so I know whether she should be in TIRR Med Center (as she's an edge case that needs specialists -- and it's worth risking the roomate). Or whether she's not that out there, and then the other two are better choices. (And the decider there, is whether they think they're going to do the pacemaker, or any other procedure in the next few weeks while in Rehab -- or wait until that's over).

Day 17[edit source]

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2023-03-06 (Monday) - rough night (cheek infection). On anti-B's, they got her up for PT on the edge of bed.
  • Yesterday Since Yesterday was great (chatty Melissa, so aware and happy), I brought Mary home from the Hotel, so she could sleep in a home, do laundry (with water), and we could go out to dinner (local tavern, we sat outside). So I had fever (probably hayfever), nightmares at 2:00 AM, and woke to a 5:00 AM call from the Hospital. (They said they'd only call if something bad happened). That was a few seconds of terror. Melissa was complaining about her ear (and had a tougher night). The ENT checked it out, it's a minor infection in her cheek (tested positive for MRSA, that'll help me sleep well tonight), they are watching it and put her on antibiotics. I said "thanks... tell her we love her, then hung up".... then my brain kicked in, I called back, told them to tell her that we'd be there as soon as visiting hours was open, and to keep being tough". These aren't big things, but everything is a big thing with what she's going through.
  • Today Saint Mirna provided carpool services for Mary. Melissa is a bit grumpy today, rightly wants to be home, has a puffy face, on Anti-Biotics for a cheek that she bit or slept on wrong (and is puffy). They got her up for PT at the edge of the bed, took out the catheter (again).... then put it back in when her bladder filled. She asked for her computer and cellphone to do property management, even though she can't see.
  • MRI Finally? They did take her out for an MRI, again. But they bring her back, and we don't know if it was done, or the results.
  • Mysterious Neurology I keep trying to consult Neurology (and their Social Services) about where/when Melissa is going to in-patient rehab. But she's definitely not seeming ready for that yet. And they're nowhere to be found to help me make the decision. I left messages on the phone #. More waiting. It's like Opthamology did a consult -- and that never popped up on her records.

Day 18[edit source]

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2023-03-07 (Tuesday) - chatty, talked to Neurology, got her standing. Shannon and Sigrid visits.
Melissa was very chatty today. But Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) came and did a lot of little things with her, and were already noting changes/improvements. They got her to stand. And reading through the notes, they're helping her <25% to get her to sit up or stand (it looks like more).
  • Vision Definiately, it's becoming clearer (pun intended) that she can see. She's just not processing everything, which is part of the stroke. And she sees some things that aren't there (her brain fills in blanks in strange ways). Sigrid or the OT Girl would ask her objects and she couldn't get them all. But if she touched/interacted she could figure them out better. That's what rehab is for.
  • Neurologists... Finally Cornered them and talked.
  1. They never did the MRI, because whenever they brought her down there, they didn't think she was responsive enough (or willing to sit still enough), to bother. At this point, with all the CT's (and Brain Angeo), they don't think it's going to show them anything that they don't already know.
  2. They let me know that throwing a clot is an ischemic stroke (I thought that was hemoragic).
  3. They weren't going to talk too much to a plebe (and knowing the damage doesn't predict how well she will recover), but they kind of helped me on rehab stuff, which is that they didn't think she was THAT severe a case. Pretty much any rehab place should be able to help.
  4. They're probably going to want Mellisa on Eliquis (or some other blood thinner) forever. They don't seem to trust the watchman as being adequate.
Shannon visited and discussed a Disney Run that she and Melissa had talked about doing (and that Shannon tributed to Melissa). And she brought back an ornament. Melissa loved the company and running stories.
  • Sigrid Sigrid visited and was doing her day-job and seeing how well Melissa had progressed. I'm not a professional and I could see the improvements since last time. As well as some of the work ahead; her not being able to do the connections on what an object was based on what her eyes were telling her. But if she could touch them, she could. Definitely, some neuroplasticity training to come.

Day 19[edit source]

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2023-03-08 (Wednesday) - Carrie Visit, almost Debbie Call. Bank Visit.
Carrie Visit
Melissa was so happy that Carrie stopped by and hacked/combed/tugged out the her dred-head matt-in-the-back, and gave her a loose top-knot instead. Carrie mentioned how much progress she'd seen since last week (and how much chattier she was). I think one of the areas hit, was the brain-mouth filter. She can talk. (But I like it). She also said she wanted to be better by June. So she is getting scale and difficulty. (I’m hoping for quicker).
  • Mirna Mirna was the angel that gave Melissa CPR, and is carpooling Mary in to visit w/Melissa before my meetings are over. She also did a Bayou run with some of the Kingwood running group in Melissa's name, and gave Melissa a medal, which she delighted over.
Debi was going to call
Her friend Debi had given her a new blanket, and Melissa was sporting it with her new do. But later in the day went downhill mood wise. Melissa was comprehending the scale of recovery. So it was a harder late day. She agreed she is ready to work hard, but loves her life and wants it back… but she was pretty emotionally burned out/frazzled, so opted out of the call.
  • Bank Visit My company is having problems with the mysteries of auto-Deposit. So I deposited a check manually, and visited my branch (I love those folks). They've all been following the saga and praying for Melissa (we're all friends). And they were so nice, curious and supportive. (Lisa especially). We hugged it out. I decided to skip the Bourbon tasting event they were doing (and opted for completing chores and going to bed by 8:00). But thanks to Nyquil (my sleeping drug of choice), I got 8 hours. (Going to work on healthier alternatives as this stuff gets worked out).
Worry Wart
This isn't about Melissa but her Husband. You can't help worrying. I'm so grateful for the progress I keep seeing, and delighted in the present. Sincerely awesome, and I'm happy with what I have and if it stopped tomorrow, I'd be grateful to still have her here. But I'm also thinking about all the things still to do to improve her quality of life; I'm a Program Manager (ex engineer) -- here's the feature list before we go live (take her home in Beta form) and ship (release her to the public).
So every step is a little celebration. And gives me the opportunity to start worrying about the next thing. Like:
  1. ✅ Whew her large motor skills are improving. She has control of both arms and legs more, and they're stronger. That should mean at least house mobility. And worse case, a scooter for public. But we're getting some hand skills (gripping), and sensitivity (she can feel me hold her hand).
    ⭕ Fine Motor Skills, not yet there yet. She can't manipulate remotes, can't grab things in 3-dimensional space yet. Is still in the MS kind of wandering/positioning.
  2. ✅ Vision; whew. She can see. But she can see me, not her mom sitting next to me. But if she looks at her mom, she could see her, and not me. So some peripheral limitations, and so on.
    ⭕ Her brain compute on processing images isn't all there yet. She can see me, but then will see me without arms. Or she'll see things that aren't there (a wall with a TV looks like a parking garage). She can see objects like a can of soda, and think it's a jar of preserves. This is all part of rehab and retraining the brain. So I think things like, "she can get this down for everyday life... but will she get back the visual compute power and reflex skills to ever drive again?". Again, delighted that I have her, and progress. But of course I worry about limitations on things that I know we won't know about for another few weeks (or more).
  3. ✅ Swallow/Eating; she can eat.
    ⭕ But she doesn't like the few hospital choices she has, so they keep the feeding tube in, because she's not consuming enough on her own. And Melissa being stubborn with her eating habbits is nothing new. But I want her to get past this, so she can get the tube out, and advance in Rehab.
  4. ✅ Bathroom - she can poop or not poop at will. Even with an audience. (This is a new skill).
    ⭕ But her urinary stuff seems to require catheterization. I think that can be the drugs she's on. But of course, I'd love an incontinent Melissa, and am grateful for where she is (and this is way too early to truly worry about this stuff). But I don't want her to have to worry about catheters/etc. Hopefully, she doesn't get too pissed off, at my over-sharing.

So a week ago I was worried about would she be able to communicate at a rich enough level. Even though she has ephasia, her communication skills have improved enough, and I have confidence enough in rehab that this will keep getting better. (Whew). And that's MAJOR to her quality of life. And a week ago I was worried if she could ever walk. Now I'm seeing her stand, and thinking that walking mastery is just a matter of time/retraining... so I worry about more fine motor skills and driving on her own. (Not that I mind being Uber). It's just what worry-wart husbands do.

And of course, normally, I can share my fears/concerns with my life-partner and beloved wife... but in this case that's not the slightest bit constructive. If I've learned one thing in 29 years of Marriage, it's that sharing a feature list of things your partner can do to improve themselves, is NOT the path to marital bliss. So for now must bottle that in, share with friends, or strangers on the Internet. And she'll look back on this someday and chuckle, knowing me/my nature, and scoffing at me ever doubting that SuperGirl would reacheive mastery of all these tasks.

Day 20[edit source]

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2023-03-09 (Thursday) - CBS, Chicken or Egg? Diane and Mary visit. Debi call. TV. Pacemaker upgrade pending.
CBS (Charles Bonnet Syndrome, aka Magic Mushrooms)
  1. Melissa was talking about hallucinations she has been having for a while (and I told the doctors/nurses), they just nodded, but didn't say anything. She knew they were hallucinations, and I figured it was the brain just filling in for a field of vision reduction, and they would likely go away as her vision came back, or brain got bored.
  2. Turns out, that's exactly what it is, and it's called Charles Bonnet Syndrome (pronounced Bone-nay"), and is common with people that lose field of vision.
  3. I'm irked that the staff didn't just say that. (I think it was my fault, as sometimes I state what I was thinking it was, and I was close enough that they thought I knew?) And some of the staff seemed surprised by the name (they didn't know it), or that I knew what it was called. But I think they all knew that halucinations after a stroke (especially that impacted vision) was commmon.
  4. From what I can tell, many people get the optical processing back, and the halucinations go away (it can take a few/many weeks). For a few, it stays, but it doesn't bother them (as they can distinguish it from RL). So it's just having the Magic Mushroom channel to watch, whenever you're bored.
  1. I told Melissa all about this, as what I read mentioned just knowing that they weren't losing their minds was comforting for most patients.
  2. For Melissa, the results were a little more mixed. She was happy that she wasn't losing her mind. But I'd been telling that for a while, just not it was a little more definitive and with an actual Medical name / diagnosis. At the time, it gave her more confidence. But then later, she'd kind of forget and ask me to take her back to her room. Or could I shut the door to the imaginary hallway of people, and so on. And I'd remind her it was just her Bonnet Syndrome (Magic Mushrooms). She'd get it. But it occasionally bothered her a lot that she wasn't perfect at being able to distinguish them from real life.
  • Diane and Mary Diane and Mary visited (workout buddies from Mandy's fitness class). Melissa was talking up a storm, and in full form. Diane got to see how much improvement there was over just one week. They also got to see my charming wit, and Melissa knocking the pins down as fast as I set them up.
  • Debi call I put in a call to Debi (Melissa's friend since 1st grade) so she and Melissa could chat. (Make up for missed call the day before). Melissa had a problem with Facetime, she can't see something as small as a face on a phone. But she can talk to the voice just fine, and they chatted about all sorts of stuff. Both sides enjoyed their time together.
  • Pacemaker Upgrade The hospital called, and they're going to want me to sign off on them upgrading her to a 3 lead pacemaker on March 14th (now with kung fu grip and lower-chamber de-fib). Her current pacemaker is only 2-lead and does upper chamber de-Fibrillation, but her Ventricalar-Tachachardia wsa a lower chamber event, making it less than useful for what happened. So we're upgrading from Melissa 4.0 to 4.1 (2 prior heart surgeries count as previous upgrades, as well as her pacemaker+ablations count as another). Hoping to get that software debugged soon. She and I were discussing this today, and Melissa wanted it done sooner rather than later, as she figures one Rehab is better than two -- even if this interferes with her rehab a little. So the timing of them calling later in the day, was perfect.
  • TV In the past, Melissa couldn't focus on the TV. Basically, some of the stroke effects or something. It was rolling, she couldn't find it, too much visual noise. But she asked about it, used my voice to focus on it, and was happily watching HGTV when we left. This is a major upgrade in quality of life. As someone with zero training in the area of Neuropsychology, I think the TV is a great distraction to keep her optical processing busy, which should reduce halucinations as well as help with the rewiring she needs to do.
Chicken or Egg?
What came first, the chicken or egg (stroke or heart attack)? I don't know why I woke up pondering this, could the stroke have caused it? As it matched some symptoms at the start of the event. I talked to the cardiologist, and they doubt it. But the view is based on second-hand reports.
  1. I always assumed she had a heart attack, later that threw a clot and she got a stroke (from CPR, or sudden loss of movement, etc). But I keep going back to what Theressa had said that it was manifesting as a seizure/stroke event.
  2. What if Melissa had a stroke, and that caused the V-Tach/Fib? It makes sense with the symptoms she was having on the run, and that she was having a lot of slow convulsions after CPR/De-Fib, that the brain was already hit. It would exonerate Theressa (who thought it was a stroke all along), and I could be mad at Kingwood for not giving her the brain-draino (tPA) at the time of the initial ER admission.
  3. I chatted with cardiology at Houston Methodist (Nurse Practitioner), and she said it was most likely the heart first, and the stroke likely happened after the heart-angrogram; that it scraped off some plaque and caused the stroke later (or just threw it based on trauma). Based on the timing/symptoms in her reports.
  4. They're the professsionals. But I'm not 100% sure they're right. She's just reading the reports -- and I think what's biasing it, is that they didn't notice her slurred speech until later than we did, and that's when they rushed her in for the brain-angeo. (I assumed someone new came on, saw the symptoms we'd seen for days, and panicked). But then again, it doesn't matter a lick to the treatment -- just understanding what happened when.
  • Call I got a surprising call from the room, and it was Melissa. "Why didn't you leave me my cell phone and charger? I had to ask the nurse to get her to call you. We talked a little. The halucinations are bugging her, and she had a little time distortion. But was great, and said she was going to try to get some sleep. And I promised to bring her phone and charger tomorrow. I think having it gives her security.

Day 21[edit source]

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2023-03-10 (Friday) - "I'm done", then she got better.
"I'm done!"
  1. Came in and Melissa had a long night, no sleep, lots of pain (and the depression that goes with it), and the little fighter was ready to throw in the towel. She was like, "If you love me, take me home, let me sit in front of my lake, and take me out"... she was tired, in pain, and you get depression from that. And she "I'm done, and just want it to stop". This hit Mary a lot harder than me. I was more excited by how much her reasoning/communications had improved since just the night before.
  2. We just started going through how much progresss she had been making, and how she was over half way to having her old life back (and past the hardest parts), and what the next steps were, and her view kept improving. She doesn't remember more than a few days back, so can't see the progress, but when you explain it, give her context, and give he control over what's next, she starts to get hope. You start fix small problems (like I massaged out some of her foot pain), and it gets her back on a goal and seeing an end to this; and her world view improves dramatically. The little fighter was ready to go another round or two.
  1. I could understand how she's tired and in pain. But we talked about it, and tried to make her life better, one thing at a time.
  2. She's angry at the pain that hurts all over... but I started giving her a foot massage, and she was like, "OMG that feels SO good". 10 minutes on a foot, and she was a lot better. She can't localize pain, it's just all over. But you fix/improve the pain and her quality of life gets better.
  3. She doesn't like the hallucinations, but I point out they're temporary and happen more when she's tired, but that she can see the TV now, and me regularly (which was a problem a few days ago), and how much better she's getting.
  4. Her speech is so much better today, than just yesterday. Instead of over-annunciating, she's more mumbling a little, but all the syllables are coming out. She used to have problems with like TH, CH, SH in the second or third syllables. And now it's just a little mumbly, but no cadence problems or stalls, less starting over.
  5. I was talking about Rehab, and that she'd start that soon -- but that would help all her complaints; speech, mobility, etc., and it gave her hope. She'll 2-3 weeks of rehab and she could go home. Oh. It's not a lifetime of pergatory (or worse).
  6. She's angry at having strangers have to change her, but I could reason with her, give her context. She was standing, and as soon as she could more easily walk across the room, we could get her out of diapers and pooping on her own. She complained about the catheter, and I mentioned they were giving her drugs to strengthen her bladder, so they could remove that. Eliminating the indignity was a huge future win for her. (She does not like this, as none of us would).
  7. We talked about the pacemaker upgrade next week (now w/De-Fib) and she started getting that the light at the end of the tunnel is her life back with far more normalcy -- and she turned it around for the day. Did rehab, then passed out from the effort. Exhausted and less disattisfied.
  8. Her biggest fear is that she won't get her life back and is stuck in this forever. (Because her memory is mostly a few days, and she can't see improvement, only the helplessness). But as you convince her of the progress, this isn't "forever", and she recognizes there's an end, and her attitude gets much better.
  9. I was mentioning occupational therapy and things she might have lost but we have to try to find/fix like math. And she could multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Proving she had a really good baseline. I think she was happy to hear how much she had. And how far she's come.
Great Day
So after the rough start she did PT, ate like a baby bird, learned that she could hold and drink from a bottle, and feed herself if needed (She wasn't going to have to start from scratch). She was weak, but the basics weren't as far away as she thought.
  1. Melissa got her PT (Physical Therapy) stood up, did everything, crushed it, and was absolutely exhausted.
  2. Crashed, and took a 2 hour snore nap.
  3. Then when she got up was hungry, ate a bowl of chicken soup, then pudding, then Apple Sauce, then more soup, then a Shake/Malt made with Ensure and Ice Cream. She was telling the nurse, "stop pouring the pills into the Apple Sauce, just give them to me. And she swallowed them.
  4. There was a little whining about she was going to have to learn to feed herself and do all these things again. So I gave her a spoon and said "hit your mouth". Not quite the most direct hit -- but she was happy to discover that she wasn't that bad off. (She'd have worn a little of it, but could functionally shovel into her maw).
  5. And she was still thirsty, so I gave her a bottle of water, and she was able to grip it and drink on her own.
  6. Then Occupational Therapy came and got her sitting up, exercising, able to do coordination exercises, and so on.
  7. This changed the attitude massively, that she wasn't going to have to start from scratch.
  • Mandy Visited Mary and I left her Girl Time with Mandy. They were chatting and doing hair (see picture of her getting her top knot out).
  • Rehab is Tueday They could move her to rehab today (and were considering it), but the Docs decided to replace her pacemaker on tuesday (with one that does full De-Fib). That sucks because it slows her rehab as she can't use her left arm as much (for 2 weeks). But she had said "one and done", she didn't want to do rehab, then come back and get the pacemaker. So Melissa upgrade is coming, and I signed all the paperwork.


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2023 Heart Attack
Feb 18th Melissa had a heart attack, stroke, and had to have CPR for over an hour.

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