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Melissa's Mom (Mary) took over for me, and I got my first break.
Melissa's Mom (Mary) took over for me, and I got my first break. Of course I called the Hospital and checked on how she was doing, talked to the doctor by phone, checked in a few times, talked to Melissa over the phone. But I also got to swim, walk and talk with a neighbor+friend, connect with a few others. And start working on some of this journal for M.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2023-02-25 

2023-02-25 (Saturday) - Mary took over. Not a good day, but some progress.

Melissa woke up pissed!
  1. Melissa's Mom came in and first things she said was, "Mom, I'm pissed" -- she wanted water (or Ice chips), and they wouldn't give her any.
  2. She said, "I screamed all night and nobody came". Technically, the nurse said she asked a few times. She's also was asking things like "when" something would happen. That's a positive as it means she's getting her memory permanence and perceptive awareness back. (Understanding time, and remembering she wasn't getting what she wanted). Good step.
  3. The reason they wouldn't give her fluids is because they might want to do the Brain and/or Chest MRI (no fluids before that), and she has to pass the swallow test by the speech pathologist, to make sure she won't asperate (breath in) water. And if she does, she has to have the strength/lung capacity to get it out. (Or it leads to infection/pneumonia). But they keep kicking out the MRI, as her communications are often weak, and won't sign off because of weak cough.
  4. The bad thing is her brain doesn't have a lot of emotion control in this agitated state; Maslow's Heirarchy, she wants water (even if she has enough IV fluids), and without it, communication is hard. Her cough is getting stronger, and they will eventually do the fucking MRI we've waited a couple days on. But until they do, more bennevolent torture, and the harder it is to interact with Melissa.
  5. As Mary left for the day, Melissa said, "Diet Pepsi?"... if she couldn't have water, how about her favorite. Deliciously sneaky. The nurse was unimpressed with the request.
  1. The speech pathologist came the day before, and was thinking about doing it. But M was having a bad day -- and with the noise sensitivity, an MRI wasn't going to work. She was also fairly weak/distracted during the day. But she was gobbling Ice like a baby bird. I'd give her a chip and chomp-chomp swallow, and mouth back open. Her throat is still sore, and she's thirsty, even if she's getting enough fuilds.
  2. One of the hardest things is watching the bennevolent torture that's part of the healing process; "All I wanted was a Pepsi". A few hours of torture isn't worth the risk of breaking protocol, so you have to watch them suffer. And you have to suffer watching them. Then Hospital Beauracracy drags out a day of pain, into two.
Melissa got off the bigger NIV vent
They moved her to an Oxygen tube, on a pretty low setting (like 75 mL/min), from this humidifier style larger diameter nose-breather.
  1. They were originally going to put her on a BIPAP when she got the vent tube out, but she was doing well enough, that they moved her down to a more non-invasive type; instead of a mask, it's just a big nose tube with continuous, warmed, humidifed airflow. But it's hot, annoying and she kept trying to blow her nose.
  2. They moved her to an Oxygen tube, on a pretty low setting (like 75 mL/min).
  3. Her coughing got stronger, she blew her nose, this is a quality of life improvement, and a step forward.
Her friend Mandy came by to visit.
  • Mandy told Melissa she was going to take a picture of her braids, and Melissa went full ham-mode.
  • Then Melissa also said, "share with Carrie" (a friend that does her hair). That's a wonderfully complex association that she gets hair + Carrie + friend.
  • But today was also tough for Mandy, as my Thurs report (which was a good day) over-raised expectations -- and when Melissa is in pain (aka thristy), she regresses to needing that fixed before less important communication.
  • Mandy washed Melissa's face with a warm washcloth, and Melissa loved that. (So kind and appreciated). And Mandy caught Melissa sucking on the corner of the washcloth (moisture). So sneaky. So Melissa.
So we are not yet sure what we're going to get. And once you fix one item, it's possible something else might bug her. (We just don't know yet). There's not enough data points. What we do know is that a week ago she had a heart attack and was put in a Medical Coma. Today she is out, and sometimes acting like a weak/confused friend/partner we know... and sometimes acting like a confused child that has needs that aren't getting met.
  • Can't see? Last week she was doing this thing, where she'd go I can't move my arm. And I'd say, "yes you can" and she'd move it a little. Then when she wasn't paying attention, she'd move it just fine. She does that with vision a bit. "I can't see"... then a little while later, she's looking at you, asking you not to leave, or commenting on something she can see. Don't google various forms of blindness and read that it can come on days or a week+ after an Oxygen depriving event, more things to worry about. Goody!


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