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Tuesday; Week 5 (Rehab Day 5), Better day. Lethargy, Starvation Diet, but still putting in the work.
Tuesday; Week 5 (Rehab Day 5), Better day. Lethargy, Starvation Diet, but still putting in the work.
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Created: 2023-03-21 

2023-03-21 (Tuesday) - Better day. Lethargy, Starvation Diet, but still putting in the work.

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  1. Melissa is a bit lethargic, but putting in the work. (3+ hours a day). I blame the food/calories for some of it (but sure the pain meds, muscle relaxers, and other drug cocktails aren't helping). 4 days of Vegetarian Lasagna (the only thing on the menu that's vegetarian?) means she doesn't eat much... then she doesn't have energy. She's hard enough to get to eat when she's not getting hospital food. I told them "She eats some non-veg items like Chicken Soup, or French Onion soup"... so yesterday they brought her meatloaf (the food, not the singer). WTF!
  2. I did some shopping for M, I just got her spices and sauces to help flavor her food. While she won't give me many orders, she did request a bowl from Chipotle. I'll try to get some calories in the girl, she's looking a little prison-camp survivor.
  3. Today I got her Falafel from our favorite Greek place (to bring in tomorrow). When they asked where my wife was, and I told them -- they said the care package was on them. In the meantime my neighbors are meal-training me incredible BBQ, and Fajitas, and so on. I'm stuffed. If you aren't in a Hospital in Texas, they'll feed the crap outta you (or into you). In the meantime, they've been giving Melissa colon-blow because she hasn't pooped in a week. They did a scan and she doesn't have enough in her to worry (not realy that corked up), but when that stuff finally takes effect, I'm thinking a scene out of Dumb and Dumber or Hall Pass is coming.
  4. A week ago, she was just getting her Pacemaker replaced and could barely sit up. Now her talking/memory is improved, she's brushing her own hair/teeth, using the big girl potty, in Sweats/PJs/Home Clothes, feeding herself, at least finger foods (forks are harder when you can't see, but she can hit the target once loaded).
  5. I called UH has a Low Vision center to help people with reduced vision (often due to stroke/accident/etc). They used to work with the Rehab's in area, but stopped under COVID and I guess it's impossible to get two bureaucrats to agree on anything that increases their liability... so it'll now have to happen AFTER Rehab. They have lots of tools and techniques (light magnifying devices, prisms, etc), but we'll have to get a referral from her Ophthalmologist. And they won't give that, until she can go into their office on her own. (The equipment is too big to bring to the patient). Trapped in the ministry of silly walks. But we'll get there, and I think we need to see how far her vision gets first. In the meantime, I describe pictures to her -- like of her Nieces wedding reception.


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Feb 18th Melissa had a heart attack, stroke, and had to have CPR for over an hour.

Feb 18th Melissa had a heart attack, and had to have CPR for over an hour.

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