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Sunday; Week 5 (Rehab Day 3), Post Birthday Standing, Mandy visit, clothes and iPad upgrade pending.
Sunday; Week 5 (Rehab Day 3), Post Birthday Standing, Mandy visit, clothes and iPad upgrade pending.
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Created: 2023-03-18 

2023-03-19 (Sunday) - Post Birthday Standing, Mandy visit, clothes and iPad upgrade pending.

  1. Post birthday! My brother went home to his family, but it was a good visit for everyone.
  2. She was standing in rehab, they keep working her on transfers (how to move from bed to chair and back), and making her sit upright more.
  3. They got her out of diapers and using the bedpan (or toilet), depending on her energy. She mocks that as "rediculous" that an adult considers using the toilet as accomplishment -- but it is.
  4. Her vision seems to be getting better. She wanted her flowers where she can "see" them, and a picture Theresa left (with them running) she was pointing out some of the other people in the photos. Which is new, that's only an 10x14 or so, with like 5 sub-pictures in it. The vision comes and goes, so isn't 100% of the time (and it seems she's using her peripheral vision more than her primary); but the ratio of how often she can see, how far, and how much detail, all seems to be improving. This is a good sign. When it plataues, we might want to deal with a neuro-opthamologist -- but for now, it's just waiting to see how much comes back on its own (pun intended).
  5. I brought her more street clothes (e.g. sweatpants instead of normal tights/workout pants) and T-shirts. She cared a lot that they matched so I opted for two colors that even I couldn't screw up -- shades of Pink and shades of Grey (far less than 50).
  6. I suggested that I turn on accessibility on her iPad, so she can work it with touch/speech gestures and do things like listen to books on tape, and so on. She was happy with that when I bring it to her next.
  7. Mandy came, and Mary and I bowed out. Both for the break, and also so they can get into turbo-gab mode, without outside interference.
On the Accessibility Stuff:
  1. I wasn't sure if I was going to get a negative reaction as that brings up vision impairment, but she was very excited about the quality of life improvements. I'd actually mentioned it in passing once before (that I could make it more accessible), but I think it got lost in the noise, or just people don't know that accessibility often means "disability friendly", as in vision impaired.
  2. She didn't know an iPad or iPhone had these modes, and was surprised when I was telling her how important iPhones/iPads had become to low vision people. (Sort of weird that a slicks screen with no tactile feedback, and an almost completely vision based interface, would be so important to the vision impaired. But i knew that). And I didn't know she didn't know about that, so was kind of waiting for her to ask.
  3. Since one of my tasks at Adobe has been as a program manager for Accessibility (and have championed many improvements over the years), I know a bit about it, but I am curious what she thought I did when I talked about that aspect of my job, or if she was just turned on spousal-mute-mode whenever I talked about it. (The Peanuts teacher, "Wa wa waaah wah").
  4. Ironically, while I managed bugs and features for it (and worked with the site limited folks a lot), since I'm not vision impaired, I generally looked at it (pun intended) from a bug-fix point of view, and not often as a user.


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