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Thursday; Glaucoma meds, move to Rehab, Jess Visit, off the Foley Cath, and my brother visiting.
Thursday; she wanted to start taking her Glaucoma meds (slight sight improvements?), she finally did the move to Rehab, and they got her off the Foley Catheter, Jess (Kingwood Fit / running club) Visit, and my brother flew into town.
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Created: 2023-03-16 

2023-03-16 (Thursday) - Glaucoma, Rehab, Foley, Visit, Brother.

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  1. Melissa called this morning (via Mary) and asked about her Glaucoma medicines. M has a mild form of Glaucoma, and I'd let the hospital know. And they had a Opthamologist check her out. But she hadn't been taking her drops, and was concerned about that. Maybe that's impacting her vision? I doubt it, but I had forgotten about that, and am impressed that she is out-thinking us all. So I brought it up to the docs. They don't care (or think it's the cause), so M can start using her perscription. And her Opthamologist will see her (pun intended), after she's out of Rehab.
    • There's a little bit of progress or things that keep me from getting too concerned. At one point she could see the TV about 15' away. I tried again, and could track my face from 3' back to about 15' and recognize that the TV was on, and knew it was a talk-show type thing. So she can't find things at distance yet, but she can see things out there (even if everything is blurry). It also gets better and worse through the day (which hints that it can heal?). She also has better visibility in right eye than her left. So I have some hope/faith that it will get better, or we might be able to get glasses to help.
  2. Jess from Kingwood Fit (Melissa's running group) visited, and they had a great talk today
  3. They sat her up in a fitness chair for 45 minutes and forgot about her for 2 hours. By the end she was sore, but not her core, her butt (that lost all it's tone and padding).
  4. She wanted to see if she could write her name any better, and she did. She can't see enough detail to know where she's printing, but her fine motor skills were a lot better.
  5. She moved to West Pavillion (Rehab: 10-26) -- so that's progress. Not as nice/new a room, but great people so far. And that's what's important.
  6. A friend (Pam) sent vegan mini-cupcakes "by Melissa" for Melissa, for her birthday.
  7. The hospital was annoyingly reluctant to get her off the Foley Cath. They tried a couple times, but she wasn't fully pee'ing (emptying) so they put it back in, and gave her some pills. Finally with her going to Rehab, they took it out again, and told her just to pee. The first time, she didn't empty fully, they said they'd be back in a few hours. Then they asked her to, and she pee'ed enough to soak the pad/daiper, her clothes, the bedding. She really got into water sports, and convince to them that she was good to go. (Pun intended). I don't know why the little vacuum/sponge thing they have for girls didn't work.
  8. My Brother (Devon) flew into town for a visit for M's birthday on Saturday.


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Feb 18th Melissa had a heart attack, and had to have CPR for over an hour.

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