Day 10

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Horrendous... with a side of a few visitors, cards, and more progress.
Horrendous... with a side of a few visitors, cards, and more progress. Except comfort. When she's uncomfortable, she gets agitated and it's harder to get to converse with adult Melissa. And it's more unhappy younger Melissa.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2023-02-27 

2023-02-27 (Monday) Word of the day, "Horrendous", progressing in everything. Except comfort. Started cranky and unfocussed, but got better as the day progressed.

  • Horrendous Yesterday's word of the day was "Fuck". Today's is "Horrendous". She started with, "Mom, I want to go home" and basically, "Help me up, I'm outta here". Yeah, not so much... we still got a road to recovery. But Melissa is not a fan of Hospitals and loves her routines at home -- so she knows she wants out. Thus a lot of things today have been horrendous. And for the daily scatalogical report, she kicks friends out when she has to crap. So a little dignity/modesty is returning.
  • MRI Today they finally scheduled the Head-MRI, and they promise soon. In Hospital time that's somewhere between 30 minutes, and 2 more days. We've been talking about this since Monday of the prior week. There's also a chest MRI (with contrast) that they want to do. The barrier for the latter is higher because of protocol requiring feedback on whether her pacemaker is getting hot... and they didn't get to it.
  • Rebecca Her neighbor-friend Running-Rebecca is visiting. I get Running-Rebecca confused in email/texts with Heart-Rebecca due to the name conflict; though I certainly know the difference in person. Unfortunately, when Melissa gets flumoxed she isn't very communicative. Yesterday was a good day. Today took longer, and Rebecca didn't get too much interaction. But she brought all these cards and a painting to share with her, and Melissa seemed to apreciate in the micro (moment) and definitely will in the macro (long term).
  • Carrie Her neighbor-workout-girl-power-friend (and haircutter) Carrie is visiting and brought her a Pink Soft Blanket. But same issue, just as Melissa got a little more comfortable and some wit and appreciation came out -- they took her away for the Swallow test.
  • Swallow test Yesterday she was approved some water through a straw and Apple Sauce. Today they gave her a modified barrium test to make sure thick liquid goes down the correct pipe (and she could cough it out if it didn't). She passed, which is good because she's been drinking all day (and yesterday). But another step on taking out the feeding tube. A less wise man might make a joke about wives and the expected results of a swallow test... but if he did, the word "Horrendous" might be applicable.
  • Mom Tests
  1. Mary (Mom) was doing some memory exercises -- and Melissa seemed to remember the day-month-day of everyone in the family, and was exceeding Mary on a lot of it. She loves family, people and small considerations (like cards).
  2. She may have forgotten some of her own history, or just wanted to refresh it, as she asked to review all her surgeries -- and begged for no more surgeries. (I wonder why?). Fortunately, the only thing they are thinking of at this point (most likely) might be a pacemaker upgrade and maybe an ablation. Or "procedures"; both of those they keep you mostly awake for.
  3. And she'd occasionally revert to youth and begging to just go home. She loves her life. And I can't wait for her to get it all back.
  • Vickie and Richard A little later visit from Vick and Rich. Mary tagged out at 6:30pm, and they took over. Melissa's memory is about a day. I wasn't there today, so she probably thinks I haven't been there and is wondering where I am, and her Mom and others evading the question doesn't help. So she was grilling Vickie. I'd just tell her the truth, I worked today, and will be there tomorrow. (I'm going to catch some flack for that). Beyond that, much of her frustration comes from her mind working faster than her mouth. But Vickie cracked Melissa up. She wanted Rich to pick her up (and probably obscond that prison). She said she wanted to clean the house. And she meant it.
  • Other They are going to start Physical and Occupational therapy tommorrow. (In Hospital time). And I was asking them for permission to get her Diet Pepsi (and said it would be a good carrot). But Melissa has been through this before, is a fighter, and will do the work. Especially if she knows it is the path to getting out. I dealt with someone asking about in-hospital or dedicated facility care, etc. I mentioned that if insurance won't cover, let me check on secondary resources. But it didn't sound like this was coming in the next few days.
  • Timeout I went to a local pub for lunch, and had Meatloaf (food, not singer) and a homeopathic beer for lunch (Michelob Ultra). I didn't want to, but I gave up temperance for Lent. While Melissa's Mom is here, I'm trying to do every other day for a few days, to get a little work-work done (I did a few meetings), recoup sanity from last week. I also call multiple times with the nurses and other logistics. I love seeing her, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.


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