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COVIDiots are the enthusiastic Enforcers of any superstitious remedy they've been sold by political operatives.
The COVIDiots army of Dunning-Kruger Karen's that would repeat and enforce any diktat they've been told by big government operatives (CNN, DNC, etc) without question. With no domain knowledge or skepticism (critical thinking skills) this is the "govern me harder" crowd, that wants to tell others to follow at all costs. No matter how much evidence contradicts them.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2021-12-12 
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They may not technically be an organization, with central control and leadership. But they act like one, as they follow whatever their media/party/celebrities tell them without thinking it through, or considering anyone else's points of view.

I don't have people that follow rules... for themselves. I have problems with people who don't understand that diversity includes diversity of thought, and that not all others will agree with the rules as forcefully as they do. If they have a tolerance of others disagreeing with them, then they deserve grace. But if they are the vigilantes of team Fauci/Biden/Xi, and trying to make all others comply, that's where my problems are.

There's also a thing about skepticism. If they can consider impure thoughts, that that science isn't clear? No problem. If they want to pretend that there's only one true path, and they know it, because someone else told them? Then we have a problem.

While I sometimes argue with these people, the point is not to change their mind (their views demonstrate that they're not open to the nuances of reality), it's to get them to show to others that their consensus demanding tantrums are not based on nuance or reality, but based on a desire to conform to what they've been told to think (usually by the far left).

  • COVID Masks - Masking for COVID was a sham that defied the science and destroyed the credibility of the CDC and all that supported them. This was made worse by politicians mandating them, that may have made COVID worse. It divided America between the informed/skeptical, and the blind following left that ignored the science.
  • COVID Shutdown - The shutdown was enacted under the guise 14 days to "bend the curve" and prevent a caseload surge that would overwhelm our healthcare and have millions die waiting for ventilators. What happened when you gave the left just a little bit of power? How did they react when the science showed they were wrong?

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

So I’m not saying that masks or shutdowns don’t work. I’m saying that evidence is they don’t work enough to make a difference over other factors.

Science doesn't get to cherry pick examples that fit their agenda: that's politics. If any state/country didn't shut down or mask mandate, and has lower case loads then scientists don't pretend that Shutdowns/Masks alone cure the problem (or are even that effective). Maybe it helps, maybe not. But it certainly doesn't help more than other factors or there would be no cases where places without would be even close to those that did. Yet the opposite is true.

These are unproven tools (superstitions until the hard evidence is in), and not a very effective one -- with HUGE costs to the economy or culture. And that's before you start factoring in other deaths that were caused or contributed to by the lockdown or masks.

So lockdowns and masks are debated for good reasons: we don't have clear evidence that they work enough. Those screaming that if you don't follow the lockdown, but ignore essential workers, or protestors, Politicians, and others that ignored the lockdown, then you can write them off as ignorant, polemics, or just idiots.


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This is the root for finding info on people

COVID-19 (for COrona VIrus Disease circa 2019 or SARS-CoV-2) was a pandemic/opportunity for the left to seize liberty/power from the masses.

COVID Organizations
COVID was a pathogen. How Organizations reacted to it? That you can learn from.

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